December 1, 2008

[ day #1 - journal your christmas ]

A few years ago, I paid for a class that sent a prompt everyday from December 1 to January 6 to "Journal Your Christmas."
The class encouraged you to create a book to record each day's journal prompt, make it cute, blah blah blah.
If you haven't noticed, December is hella busy. Like - BUSY busy. I just don't have time to journal everyday and make it cute. Talk about pressure.
So - I had an idea - to Journal My Christmas HERE! It's my blog - I can do it!
(Feel free to join me - I'm not going to specifically say what each topic is, but you can probably get the jest of it by my journaling.)
DAY #1: Manifesto
I *heart* Christmas. I love the lights, the trees, the decorations, the crafty creativeness, the traditions, the family, the presents (I'm not gonna lie!), the parties, shopping in the Christmas section at Target, having my radio tuned to the Christmas station, etc. etc.
I don't love how commercialized it's become or how much pressure there seems to be to participate in Secret Santa, Cookie Exchange, White Elephant exchanges, etc. I love Christmas and I choose not to participate in the Secret Santa at work because it felt like...WORK...not fun. I have been working hard during October and November to prepare for the Christmas Season by getting my Christmas cards ready (& sent) and get my shopping done, so I can just ENJOY the season and be present in the season - not be worried about what is left to get done or what I didn't get done at all or what I should be doing instead of enjoying friends and family at holiday gatherings.
So - that's what I'm doing.
Enjoy the ride!

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