December 9, 2008

[ Alan ]

I received a phone call this evening from my friend Juanita letting me know that Alan Scheenstra passed away this afternoon.
I know in my heart that he is in a better place and free from his earthly pain, but I am just so sad to loose a friend. It's too soon. He's too young. Selfishly, we want to keep him here on Earth with us. I feel sad that I didn't get to see him recently and let him know that he was a great friend.
Please keep his family, especially his wife Debi, in your prayers. Their road will be a tough one.
When I hear of any services, I will post it here.


southwti said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers being said.

Ryan and Carrie said...

Thanks Marcie, I really do appreciate all that you do letting everyone know everything...Please let me know about services and options for those who can't attend like a website through the funeral home or something where we can leave a message!

Ryan and Carrie said...

Sorry me again is that Juanita Castillo that told you?

marciekoch said...

hey Carrie - I can't get on your blog...let me in! :) haha.... yep - Juanita Castillo MAUSS!! She's got a six-month old!

Scott and Kelli said...

That just breaks my heart, thanks for letting us know.

On a happy note, happy birthday, and I loved the christmas card!

Brian and Jennifer said...

Thanks Marcie. So sad to hear. Thanks for keeping us updated.
ON a side note--Juanita has a baby?? What?? Where does she live? OH, I wish I could keep up with everyone.

Ryan and Carrie said...

Marcie you must be crazy! Our blog is not private so should work!! Do you have an email or anything for Juanita?

David and Kira said...

okay, so when I got that news and then went to the website where Debi posts things, I just cried!! So sad!! Glad he's not suffering anymore.

yeah, let us know the latest on Juanita. Since you are on the "IN" of everyone!!! Tell her to start a BLOG!