December 24, 2008

[ day #24 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journaling is supposed to be about Christmas Eve traditions, but I feel like I've already journaled - I'm going to journal about my favorite Christmas movies! We got a lot done around the house yesterday (more pictures to come), so today we get to watch some movies before we go to Mark & Kim's for dinner.
I think I've actually watched all of these this season... or I will have after today!!

I'm going to put these in order of preference...
#9 - A Charlie Brown Christmas

#8 - The Polar Express (it's too long for me...I loose interest) #7 - The Santa Clause
#6 - Home Alone (A classic...I have a great memory of watching this with my Grandpa Walt on Christmas night and him laughing so hard. It's a funny movie!)

#5 - Love Actually

#4 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (so funny...and I love the set design and costumes!)

#3 - much to love about this one!
#2 - The Family Stone (one of my very favorite movies ever...)
and... #1 - White Christmas!!! I told my Dad last night that I think I could recite this entire movie in my sleep. I've watched it at least once a year every year since I was about 5.

Ok - just this year, I've heard about this movie called "The Christmas Story." Melissa and I were almost kicked out of Nick & Kate's house the other night since we said we'd never seen it. Seriously? I don't understand the big deal.

We have it set to record on the DVR tonight - so we'll finally catch up with the rest of 20-somethings, I guess. I'm kinda skeptical. What's with this?!


The Perkins said...

Just wait and watch it. you will be a believer too. THE BEST!!!

The McGary's said...

I can't believe you have never seen it. I know you will want to go and buy a leg lamp after you see it. Merry Christmas!

Scott and Kelli said...

maybe we can get together tomorrow? Let me know!