December 21, 2008

[ day #21 - journal your christmas ]

Right Now...


  • blogging
  • enjoying the snow outside (from the inside)
  • being lazy on a Sunday morning
  • looking forward to this week
  • thinking about what errands I have to run tomorrow in Tri-Cities
  • loving Jessica and the Cheerleaders for my Christmas present (it deserves it's own post later)
  • drinking coffee with Hazelnut creamer
  • contemplating going to church
  • looking forward to Nick & Kate's Wii Party this afternoon
  • thankful Katelyn, April, and I made it home safely from Tri-Cities last night in the blizzard (I drove 35-40 the entire's normally 70...well 73 for me)
  • facinated by my lovely button trees
  • thinking Coco and Samson are dang cute in their Santa coats
  • considering wrapping some presents (I didn't do it yesterday)
  • really enjoying just being home
  • also considering skipping wrapping for another hour and finishing my scarf that I've been knifty knitting

Happy Sunday!

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