December 21, 2008

[ my early christmas present ]

Last night, Jessica & I took the football cheerleaders (well, the two that ended up being able to go) to the Elite Cheer & Dance Christmas Show in Richland. We went out to dinner at Fiesta in Pasco first and enjoyed a delicious dinner! Emersyn got to come to dinner too and it was fun to see her. I hadn't seen her in a month and she has grown so much! I love that girl!

Jessica took Emersyn back to her house and we picked up Jess to ride with us to Richland. When she got in my car, she said she had a Christmas present for me. I tried talking her into opening it for me while I was driving, but she wouldn't. When we got to Richland, I opened the coolest blanket:
(thanks for letting me steal these pics off your blog, Jess!)

She & the cheerleaders were very tricky and coordinated themselves to make this for me! Jessica gave them each a white square to decorate and then she sewed them all together into this beautiful blanket! I LOVE IT! I was so surprised and very appreciative.
Jessica says she can't really sew...I think she's not giving herself enough credit. Seriously - when (if) I get a sewing machine for Christmas, she's going to have to teach me a thing or two or ten!
Thanks so much you guys!!
Oh - and the Christmas Show was awesome! I loved it and would definitely go again! There was great dancing, super music, a fun Christmas atmosphere, and of course, time with Jessica is always a great time.

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