November 29, 2009

.sarah palin.

Mom and I got up early this morning to go to Richland to Sarah Palin's book signing. I don't know what we were thinking...besides we were ready for an adventure and I really wanted to see her.
When we arrived at 7am, this is what we saw:

There were lots of campers and RVs.

These were the first people in line. Apparently, the got there at 10am on Saturday morning.

We were not prepared to stand outside for 5-6 hours....disappointed, we left and went to run some errands. We went back by after we were done with the errands and there were so many more people.
After looking at the pictures on TC Herald AND reading that she was signing books for longer than the alloted 2 hours AND that she stopped and talked to the people waiting with her family...I'm sad that we didn't take a chance and try. I had no idea what to expect and we definitely were not ready for what we saw. I have the book though - so maybe someday I'll get to meet her and have her sign it!
Here are some pictures from TC Herald:

Maybe she'll come back to the Tri-Cities...
the Tri-Cities loves Sarah! :)

.thanksgiving weekend.

I was so ready for a weekend and a break from work...yay! Thanksgiving!

We went to Mark and Kim's on Thanksgiving for a delicious meal...there was so much food! We got together again on Saturday night for a second meal with all the leftovers!

It was nice to be together because it's been a while...we had a good time just talking and laughing.
On Friday, Mom, Melissa, Karlye, and Amber left Connell around 7am to do our part to contribute to Black Friday! None of us were really looking for anything, but we all managed to get some Christmas gifts crossed off our lists. We came home & watched "Four Christmases" and made our ornament wreaths (pictures in another post later on)...
Jessica and I took the cheerleaders to Moses Lake on Saturday for the Connell Eagles game against the Chelan Goats. The boys are getting spoiled getting to play on such nice fields! The cheerleaders thought they'd died and gone to heaven when Moses Lake's AD told us there were boxes for them to cheer on! I think they could care less about going to Tacoma - they got to cheer on a box!!!
Look how excited Katelyn is! :) (thanks for the pictures, Jen!)

The Eagles beat the Goats 37-13, so our undeafted team from Connell is heading to the Tacoma Dome next weekend to take on the Cascade Christian Cougars in the 1A Championship Game! It's the 3rd time in 4 years that our team has played in the championship, so everyone's pretty excited to go back to the Dome and hopefully come home with some hardware and an undeafeated season!

Go Eagles!

November 25, 2009


She's here, she's here, she's really here!
Sarah Palin is spending Thanksgiving in Richland with family....
it's been all over the news for about a week since she announced it on Oprah. :)
I'm hoping to run into her on Black Friday, but if that doesn't pan out, I think I'm going to be one of the hundreds (thousands?) to go to Hastings in Richland at noon on Sunday to have her autograph her new book.
Pretty excited over here.


Annette made this absolutely fabulous blog header for me using pictures she took of Samson in October. So adorable!

and fitting -
today was Samson's yearly vet check up and vaccinations.

In case you're wondering:

3 years.5 months

16lbs 2oz

101.3 degrees

He's healthy but in need of a teeth cleaning.
We're both wishing our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving full of great food, time with family and friends, good games (football, board, card, or otherwise), and fantastic Black Friday ads. :)

November 24, 2009

.you shoulda seen it...

You should of seen Jess & I crawl around on the floor today trying to do in math in our heads (never was my strong point) and figure out the measurements for a quilt pattern.
I never could find a decent pattern that I liked, so I made on up for this
I brought it to practice today so we could figure out the measurements of the borders, sashing, backing, and binding - and then figure out how much of each fabric we'd need.
I'm sure it was quite the sight. I've been telling the cheerleaders that they didn't realize they'd learn cheers AND quilting this season!
We're both going to make one of these quilts, so we'll see if our adding, multiplying, and dividing was accurate!!
.that's what I'll miss about cheer practice.
P.S. This was my 300th post. Since no one gave me any suggestions as to what to do, I guess it'll go by unnoticed. Unless I should do something for my #301?? Suggestions?!

November 23, 2009


I'm taking a cue from Camille and confessing to my friends...

  • I *_LOVE_* this pillow and want to make one for my chair in my office. Big question: should I have the monogram "M" or "K"?

  • I think this would be fun to make:
  • I am officially in denial that Christmas is around the corner. I don't know what to buy for gifts. I'm not ready for it to be winter. I haven't even listened to Christmas music yet. I decided that I didn't want to shop on Black Friday, although I'm slowly coming around to the idea.

  • I've been listening to three new albums on a continuous basis at work:

Especially this one - I love it. There are so many phrases that speak to me.

  • You'll be seeing one of these posts from me very soon.

  • Jennifer and I have been doing the Sudoku every day for about a month now. I'm not proud to say that she beats the crap outta me just about every time. Who am I kidding? She beats me EVERY time!

  • I'm pretty darn excited for a few days off. I could care less about the meal - I just want a few days off, spend some time with my family, and get some sleep and quilting done.
  • I had a Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha three days in a row.
  • I'm sorry to my friends, but I haven't read Twilight or any other other books and I really have no desire to read them...or watch the movies. I believe you that they're good. And it's not just that vampires aren't real. I just have no desire. None. Peer pressure just about got to me yesterday, but I'm still holding my ground. I don't know the different between Edward and Jacob and I don't care.
  • I'm ready to make my wreath. I'm in it $15 and 90+ ornaments.
  • This is my 299th blog post. Should I do something fun for #300 or just let it slide by?

November 22, 2009

the lion king

I've been looking forward to today for a few weeks now. I got to go to Spokane with Jessica, Amy, and Fran to see The Lion King!

I saw it with my family four years ago when it was in Spokane and loved it. I was very excited to get to see it again. Picture taking was not allowed in the theater, so I found these online.
The Circle of Life is my favorite favorite part. It's so emotionally overwhelming and incredible. Amy got us amazing tickets right on the aisle and she didn't even know how great they were!
Rafiki is my other favorite part - she's incredibly incredible.

I love love love the lionnesses. I think they're beautiful.
The costumes are amazing and mind-boggling. So creative.

We treated ourselves to lunch and dinner out, shopping at River Park Square (hello Nordstrom!), lots of talking and laughing, and Starbucks on the way home.
Thanks for the fun day girls - what a treat!

November 21, 2009

go eagles!

The Connell Eagles played the Riverview Panthers today in the WA State 1A Football Quarterfinals. The Eagles swept the Panthers again - 47-7.
Whoop Whoop!
On to the Semi-Finals against the Chelan Goats, next Saturday, November 28th in Moses Lake.
I got these pictures from the Tri-City I'm feeling like a bad bad cheer coach because I didn't even take my camera to the game today. They did debut a new stunt though - a BASKET TOSS!! Yay!! Kayla and her bases rock!

November 18, 2009

plugging along

Tonight was our church's annual Soup Supper and Silent Auction fundraiser. I helped dish soup for a while and then enjoyed some soup and coversation with friends. Fun night!

I made this bag way back when (read about it here) to donate to the Silent Auction.

Kara was the big winner winner! Yay! I'm glad it went to a loving home! :)

Here are some fun pictures of Miss Smartie Pants Emersyn at cheer practice. She had pigtails yesterday for the first time (that I've seen). I was so excited! She is so stinkin' cute.

She's so smart too - ask her anything and she knows the answer! Seriously, I couldn't think of a body part to teach her that she didn't already know!


    Some other fun things to look forward to:

  • Click on the picture for the link:

  • Connell Eagles vs. Riverview Panthers -- TAKE TWO! Saturday, 4pm, Lampson Stadium

  • Dinner with the girls on Friday night!

  • Making a wreath this weekend

  • Finishing up a quilt and three table runners

  • Addressing Christmas Cards

  • Sunday with Jess, Amy, and Fran:Lastly, I saw this on Allison's blog at Cluck Cluck Sew - LOVE IT!!!

(click on the picture for the link)

November 15, 2009

[ happy birthday to Jessica! ]

Happy Birthday Jess!
Thanks for the fun party last night. Hope you'll share some pictures on your blog!
I'm glad you like your bag! :)

{pattern: Amy Butler's Birdie Sling}