December 17, 2008

[ day #17 - journal your christmas ]

Presents. Ah presents.

I try to start shopping in October or November to try to spread the wealth out. Remember when I bragged about being done Christmas shopping on Black Friday?! Yeah right. I'm not going to do that again. I just keep thinking of things as Christmas gets closer - so I keep buying things, thus - over-do-ing it just like I said I wouldn't do.

I do like Christmas shopping when I have a great idea for a gift for someone...but when I have no likey. It's a lot more fun and means so much more when you find the perfect gift. That rarely happens for me. Usually, I get frustrated and just "make-do."

OH yeah - I also threaten to make all my Christmas presents each year, but each year I make a bunch of things. Then I don't really like them - and end up buying things anyway. Maybe, just maybe, if I become proficient on this sewing machine I'm wishing for - everyone will get blankets or table runners or aprons or something like that next year. Don't hold your breath.

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