February 29, 2012

.a few of my favorite things.

Last night at Beta, Kate & I led the program. We asked everyone to pick a favorite item that sells for $6 or under…and then bring five of those items. When everyone got here, we had them write their names on five slips of paper.
We went around the room and everyone had a chance to share what they brought, why it’s their favorite, and where they can buy it. They then drew five names and those five lucky ladies each received one of the items!
I think everyone had a lot of fun – I know I did!

Here’s what everyone brought…

Maren brought Paparazzi jewelry…


Amy brought bracelets…


Kate (and Kamryn) brought strawberries and dipping chocolate…


I brought The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter…


Kara brought chocolate chip cookies and the recipe…


Jennifer brought ice cream…


Amy brought Bailey’s Irish Cream and hot chocolate packets…


Melissa brought Naked Berry Blast juice…


Martha brought Scentsy…


Mom brought Starbucks cards and her favorite pen…


She made such cute gift card holders, I had to share:


Jessica brought Neutrogena Lip Balm…


Jeanne brought yarn and a crochet hook…


Eileen brought note pads….


Donna brought scrapbooking supplies…


Sharon brought note pads too!


Kamryn got to come to Beta too! She kept us entertained all night long, as usual. She loved Samson last night, more than usual. Perhaps it was because he was wearing his sweatshirt and more mellow than usual. She kept getting down on Samson’s level to give him kisses. So cute!


After the program and meeting were over, Kate & Kamryn stayed to hang out. Melissa was giving her hosey rides…and then Kamryn was trying to ride Samson and said “Giddyup!”


I love that girl!

Such a fun Beta evening! I can’t wait to do a favorite things program again!

February 27, 2012

.bowling party.

Ben, Maren, Nick, and Kate organized the 2nd meeting of the Connell UMC Adult Youth Group! This time the group went bowling at the Connell bowling alley. It’s not normally open on Monday’s but Maren & Ben know the owners and hooked us up! :)

Gotta love rented bowling shoes – especially with fluorescent shoe strings!


Then Kara had to come and show off with her *own* bowling shoes – not rented!



Karlye got two strikes in a row…but then got a gutter ball instead of a turkey!


Check out that form!


The group of bowlers…


Justin, Sheianne, Karlye, and Amber


The Baumann Babes!


Kate and I


Sheianne trying the granny roll…


Karlye, Amber, and I


Sheianne and Justin


The silly poses!

IMG_1883 IMG_1884 

Ben and Maren…and Kara photobombing!


It was a really fun evening…and I learned that I really really stink at bowling. I didn’t even break 100! I even took a Jan Term bowling class at Whitworth…obviously did not help!

Thanks for organizing it Boucher’s and Johnson’s! :)

.so charming.

So, February 2012 may be my most successful crafting month yet. I have seriously gotten so SO so much done! I love that my quilt top box is getting smaller and my completed projects list is getting longer!

Here’s another quilt top that I completed at the lake last summer.


It has teeny tiny 9-patches. 18 of them. Did I saw they were teeny tiny?!



I think it will look great on the kitchen table.


Oh – and I “found” this backing in my box of fabric. I have a sneaking suspicion that I bought it for this purpose, but I don’t really remember!


Pattern: Simple Charm by Thimble Blossoms
Fabric: Rouenneries by French General
Pieced and Quilted by: Marcie

February 26, 2012

.birthday present.

While Nick, Kate, and Kamryn were gallivanting around Europe, I stayed home in cold and windy Washington and made this bag for Kate’s birthday present! :)


I have had this pattern on my mind for a while and was finally ready to figure it out!


It’s from the Fresh Fabric Treats book by the Moda Bake Shop.
I used a Ruby jelly roll and yardage. (love that Bonnie & Camille!)


I think my favorite part is the fabric covered buttons!


and maybe the different stitches in red across the front.


I loved the pictures of the bag in the book. It used the “Make Life…” fabric by Sweetwater. It seemed a lot bigger in the pictures – more like a bag. This is more like a purse size.


I hope Kate enjoys it…I am so thankful for Kate and her friendship…and I’m so glad she’s back! Two (plus) weeks is a long time apart!


Happy Birthday Kate!bir

.john deere….pink?!.

My projects this week were pink John Deere flannel rag blankets. I’d bought this pink John Deere fabric about two years ago wanting to make a rag quilt out of it…finally got a completed project out of it!

I had envisioned a square rag quilt, but when I saw this pattern on Pinterest (, I knew it would be a great option for this fun fabric.


I made two of these – they’re not identical, but close.


I made one on Tuesday night, one on Wednesday night, then clipped them and washed them by Friday.


They went together super fast…and turned out super cute!


I dried them twice in the dryer to try to get rid of the little strings….sorta successful. I hate that they shed so much!


Here are the two together…


One is a birthday present and one will be donated to the Young Life auction (Young Life Banquet – March 5th in Connell).


Fun, quick project! This week, my goal is to finish two projects from my quilt top box. Stay tuned!