September 29, 2012

.a day with Kamryn.

photo 1

We got to have Kamryn for the day today while her Mom coached the volleyball team to a victory at the Quincy tournament and her Dad was busy on the farm.

We had such a fun day…probably my favorite was when she was playing Little People while I was in the craft room. She came over to me while I was sewing and said, “Watch you!” She watched for a few minutes and then said, “Help You!” She sat on my lap and helped me sew for quite a while! She counted pins and helped me take them out of the fabric. She called “Ready, Set, GO!” when it was time for me to sew. Cracked me up!

We had a tea party, played outside, played with the dogs, had lunch, and snuggled before nap time. I love spending time with Kamryn – she is such a joy!

September 22, 2012

.pep assembly.

The cheerleaders performed their “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” dance at the pep assembly yesterday! It was fun to hear the students cheer for them and ooh and aah over their moves. It was definitely impressive!





 IMG_2490 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2504 IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2517 IMG_2521 IMG_2523

The ASB brought back the spirit couch! This picture is for you, Jess – it’s your old couch! Still hangin’ in there!


The girls after their performance…watching the rest of the assembly.


Awesome awesome awesome girls – you rocked it!

.eagles vs. coyotes.

The Eagles showed up in new uniforms (that match the cheerleaders uniforms – awesome!) looking like the Eagles we all know and love! They creamed the Burbank Coyotes, 41-20. That’s more like it!

Kamryn was loving the cheerleaders last night – especially the boxes and the attention they gave her!



Pretty cute cheerleader!



These girls love Kamryn almost as much as I do!!


And Allyson was home for the game! It was so great to see her!


I love watching Angela and Julie – they can’t get enough of the cheerleaders and Angela is usually doing the moves along with them!





Ronan was teaching Kamryn the ropes of playing at the football games!


The girls worked so hard on their routine for this week! We practiced out on the field a few days and even met before school on Friday to go over it!

They rallied onto the field from the visitor’s side…

IMG_2536 IMG_2538

They started out with a cheer


and ended with this triple split!


They did the double hook stunt in the dance. This was a stunt they’d been working on for two years now and we finally included it in a dance!


Kirston tumbled in the front during the stunt.




I love this move in the dance – it’s right after they complete the double hook and they take two steps forward like, “yeah, we just did that!”


The girls have been talking about doing a kick line for a while now. Sommer & Madi choreographed it and it turned out great!

IMG_2581 IMG_2584 IMG_2592 IMG_2593 IMG_2595  IMG_2600

I love this…one of my favorite cheers is when the cheerleaders get students from the student section to do Ola Ola Ay with them. I cracked up when I saw Isaac with Madi! Too funny!



Great job girls! I got so many wonderful compliments on how well they did! They make me so proud!!

I found these on Mr. Gerson’s Facebook page – great pictures! :)


He caught these two GREAT ones of Kayla! LOVE!