August 29, 2007

I Made It....

Through the first day of school....

totally ready for the weekend!

August 26, 2007

Fun Wekend!

Mom, Melissa, and I went to Bellevue on Friday night to visit Mom's cousin Wendy, who is a 5th grade teacher in Issaquah. We went to her classroom on Saturday morning where Wendy shared many ideas and materials with Melissa. Wendy is a great teacher with so many creative ideas. I am sure Melissa's head was swimming with ideas!!

We got to go to our favorite - PF Changs - for lunch at Bellevue Square. So fun. So yummy!

Wendy wanted to take Melissa to the teacher supply store after lunch, so we spent some time around there. Melissa found some neat things for her classroom and got some good suggestions from Wendy of things that are needed for a beginning teacher.

We were all worn out by then and decided we'd like to spend Sunday at home, so we headed back to Connell.

We spent some time in Melissa's classroom this afternoon. Things are coming together and it looks ready for kids!! This week is going to fly by, but the beginning of school is always exciting!

August 22, 2007


I was tagged by my good friend first blog tag!! Whoop Whoop! Thanks Trish!

Jobs I've Held:

Scale Operator @ Connell Grain Growers
Office Assistant
Accounts Receivable
Substitute Teacher
Guidance Counselor
Church Camp Counselor

Movie's I Can Watch Over and Over:

None really...After I've watched a movie two or three times, I'm over it.

My Guilty Pleasures:

Watching TV in Bed
Online Shopping
Magazines - I read TONS of random Magazines!!

Places I Have Lived:

Tacoma, WA

Shows I Enjoy:

Grey's Anatomy
Big Brother
So You Think You Can Dance
The Hills
Family Feud
Ugly Betty
What Not to Wear

Places I've Been on Vacation:

Guanajuato, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta
Washington DC
Stillwater, MN

Favorite Foods:

French Fries
Tomato Street
Ice Cream

Websites I Visit Daily:

Mail 2 Web - Work Email
Skyward - Work too
Two Peas in a Bucket
Payless Shoes
Old Navy

Awards I Have Won:

CHS Class of 99 Citizenship Award - whoop whoop! ;)


Marcie Jo
Not many...pretty unoriginal!

Who Am I Going To Tag:

I have no idea...I don't know who reads this besides Trish and Melissa....Melissa doesn't have a blog and Trish has already done it. Anyone else?!


Here you go...real proof that we went to the Martina McBride concert. She is an amazing woman! My favorite part was when she sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!" Gotta love Martina paying tribute to the classic Pat Benetar!

I'm back to school now...made it through 1 day of Inservices today. Lots of talk of PLCs and such. I have so many better things I could be doing...oh well.

Cheer practice started on Monday - we are working hard on preparing a dance/cheer/stunt combo for the 1st Day of School and Eagle's Nest BBQ. They are looking really good and are working better together than I thought! I will be sad when the basketball girls don't practice with us anymore. :(

Mom, Melissa, and I are heading to Bellevue this weekend to spend time with Mom's cousin Wendy. She's a 5th grade teacher and has lots to share with Melissa! It should be fun!! I'm looking forward to the WEEKEND!! the way...tonight was Samson's third night at Obedience School. I'm not completely sold on it, but it does take a lot more at home work than I'm able to do. Samson does great though - he's such a stud. :)

August 6, 2007

All About Samson Day

Wednesday is All About Samson Day...
Trip to the Groomers for a much needed haircut and bath!!
Possibly a stop by the new Doggie Deli for a treat!
First Day of School at PetSmart Obedience Training!
Big Day!!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Mom, Melissa, Grandma, Vicky, and I are going to the Martina McBride concert in Kennewick. Should be a fun concert. :)