December 26, 2008

[ Merry Christmas ] (and days #25 & #26)

Ok - I've been slacking the last few days, so here are a lot of pictures to catch up with our Christmas festivities...
Dad coming home from the liquor store with our loot...oh my!

These are the ranch pretzels that Dad makes every year...

"frosting pretzels"
my very favorite treat at Christmastime...or anytime...
Decorating sugar cookies....thanks for the idea Kim! :)
Zeke hard at work in the craft room making Christmas cards...
On Christmas Eve Eve, we watched my favorite Christmas movie - "White Christmas"
On Christmas Eve, we spent a fairly relaxing day - watched a few movies, took a nap, and enjoyed the day.
Then, we went to Mark and Kim's for our Lefse dinner before church.
Here are the Lefse chefs:
Craig - Melissa - Karlye
Marcie - Amber
Karlye - Paige - Melissa - David - Amber

After church, everyone came up to our house for our gift exchange...
Dad with the lazy dogs...

We all gave our gifts to Grandma before our exchange game.
Here's this rockin' picture of Melissa and Grandma dancing at a wedding reception!

Of course, we had to take family pictures - apparently there was a lot of *attitude* in the room!
Craig - Doug - Vicky - Paige - David

Baby Rein's Grandparents...poor baby!

Wow ah wee ah!
Amber - Karlye

David - Paige - Craig - Melissa - Marcie - Grandma - Karlye - Amber

I *heart* this picture!!
Melissa & I
Karlye & Craig with the gifts they won!
Lucky dogs...
Karlye - Nordstrom Gift Card
Craig - PF Changs Gift Card
On Christmas Day, we spent the morning opening our stockings and presents...
We are all very blessed...
In the afternoon, the Heiders came for dinner...we enjoyed a wonderful Prime Rib dinner with Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes (remember the love affair with sweet potatoes?!). We then all vegged in the living room and watched the Lakers game - or slept.
After the game, we had dessert (yum! Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie, Peppermint Cheesecake, and Mocha Almond Toffee Cheesecake!) and played Bingo! Freda plays Bingo at the Rose Garden, where she lives, so we thought we'd make her feel at home and play Bingo...she was so cute!!!

Mark - Karlye - Mom
Amber - dang photo bomber!
Freda looked radiant yesterday!
Enjoying a fun!

Whoop Whoop!!! I won!! 2 in a row!!!
Marcie & Amber enjoying a rousing Bingo game!
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a lot of fun...great family, great food, great memories.
We're going to get together again tonight to eat leftovers...and probably more games...more food...more memories!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


Mikaela said...

I love your fun pictures. Glad you had a great x-mas, and I love that White Christmas is your fav movie...when we were growing up, we used to run around the house singing, sisters, sisters, never were their such devoted sisters, oh wait, WE STILL DO! haha

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Marcie it was great to see you on Christmas Eve! What is your Mom doing in the pic at the table... I'm sure she loves that picture of herself. ;)

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Yeah it is a total Connie face! It's great!!! ;)