December 23, 2008

[ day #23 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journal is about Christmas Stockings:

We make a big deal out of stockings. We open those first on Christmas morning - once we get our coffee, turn on the parade & music, and settle in for a fun morning.

Stockings are one of my favorite things about, I love our stockings. Mom & I picked them out a few years ago and we've added ones for Grandma, Samson, Coco, and Zeke. Samson and Coco's aren't up right now...but they'll be full on Christmas morning!

Speaking of Samson - he's loving frolicking in all this snow we have! When I let him out to do his chores, he stays outside for quite a while and comes back with a mouth full of snow. The other night it was snowing and he was FULL of snow all over his body. This is this morning:

I worry about him staying out so long...he comes back with his paws full of ice and snow. I figure that he knows when he needs to come back...I hope I'm right.

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