December 6, 2008

[ The Nutcracker ]

Just a quick post to say I had a great day today! I got to relax this morning, get picked up by a carload of hot girls, have a great car ride to Spokane (good conversation, lots of laughs), enjoy a quick lunch at Zips (which I may have over-estimated how well my stomach can handle food still), marvel at the spectacular Nutcracker ballet (it was beautiful and very Christmas-y), dine at Cyrus O'Leary's (delicious pasta dinner - better for my weak stomach), have another great car ride home (great conversation, lots of laughs, and a fab driver), and now - put up the Christmas tree with my Mom (not my favorite job, but to keep up with the rest of the great day, I have a good attitude about it!). It was a super early birthday day! Thanks for making it special, girls! :)
Tomorrow should be just as fun - birthday dinner at PF Changs after church!

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The McGary's said...

what a fun day for you. I have really been enjoying your christmas journal, thanks for sharing. I figure you have a way to get a comment to Christine, so will you ask her to make her blog so people can leave comments. Maybe she doesn't want people to leave comments and that would be fine but I just have to tell her how stinkin cute Kutter is, my word! I was so happy to see she opened her blog up so I could see him:)