December 29, 2008

[ day #29 - journal your christmas ]

For today's journal, I get to share my favorite picture with you from this season:

I haven't had a chance to write about this yet, but I was so excited to spend some time on Saturday with some friends from high school - Kelli, Shannon, and Sora. I love hanging out with them - especially since they all live far away (Kelli in Alabama, Shannon in Utah, and Sora in Arizona) and I don't get to see them often. In fact, it had been well over a year since I'd seen any of them. When we're's like no time has passed. I love friends like that!

Also - we're leaving today to spend a few days in Chelan. Here's what it looks like there:

Hmm...not a whole lot different than it looks here, although the snow did melt quite a bit yesterday. I've been looking forward to going to Chelan for a few weeks now. Last year was our first year going with the Connell gang (Vanderbilts, Mauseths, Hogaboams, Nobles, Smiths, Walkers, etc.). It was a lot of fun! I'd never been to Chelan before, but I love that little town! We enjoyed doing a little shopping downtown, wine tasting, playing Rumoli, watching movies, and just chill-ax-ing. :) Hopefully it will be a lot of the same.

I'm taking my computer, but not sure about wireless options there, so I may or may not post while I'm there. I'll be back Friday and will catch up then if I don't get to in the meantime.

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