December 15, 2008

[ pictures of the season ]

I keep saying - "I need to take pictures" ... or ... "I'll take pictures of that later" ...
I was called on it today, so here are some pictures from around the house:
Our Christmas Tree

This is the buffet in our dining room that Mom decorated with snowmen:

...the stockings were hung...

Mom's Christmas Village

The Centerpiece I bought from CHS FFA

The Christmas Card pictures we've received:
Mom & I saw these cute placecards in a magazine using gold Christmas balls, so she's trying to recreate them:
Our wrapping drawers and some of the paper
Presents ready to be put under the tree (we don't put them under the tree for long since the dogs like to explore and see what they are!)
A scrapbook page I completed over the weekend And, my current project - a scarf with the Knifty Knitter since I no knit.
And, a post with pictures wouldn't be complete without Samson! :)
And - just an update on the button tree. I took my red one to school today and couldn't stop looking at it. I have great intentions to make a green one and a white one - all at varying heights to create a little set-up. Came home and bought white buttons off of ebay. :)
Oh - and the UPS Santa brought more presents in the mail today. One I bought for myself, one for my Dad (which was wrapped tonight!), and a sweatshirt & hat that Mom and I bought from Old Navy (sweatshirt for her and hat for me).
It's 9 degrees here. Every school in the Tri-Cities had a 2-hour delay today and already has one scheduled for tomorrow. We have NOTHING. Boo.
I rescheduled my eye appointment that I had to cancel a few weeks ago when I had the flu - it's now Wednesday. I'll be very ticked if I have to reschedule it again if the roads are too bad for me to get down there.
Merry Merry!


Kelliann said...

Marcie, where and what do you teach?

southwti said...

Two hour delays irk me. If it's not going to be above freezing what the heck difference is two hours going to make!?!

Love your pictures though!