December 13, 2008

[ days 10-11-12-13 - journal your christmas ]

Ok - I'm not getting any pictures taken and I'm getting more behind everyday, so here is a little journaling without pictures.

Day #10 - Wrapping: I'm not a fan of wrapping presents. It all stems from a Christmas about 15-16 years ago when we were having a day at home, wrapping presents. I was doing fine wrapping them my way, but apparently, I was not doing them the way my Mom had in mind. There was crying, yelling, stern words exchanged. It was not pretty and quite trumatic. From then on, I despise wrapping presents. I'll do it - because it has to be done - but it's not my favorite thing. We do have quite the set up downstairs - wrapping paper, bows, decorations. Last year, I set up a 7-drawer cart with all of our wrapping supplies. One drawer has tape, scissors, and pens; one has tags; one has curling ribbon, one has nice ribbons, one has package toppers, etc. You get the idea. I love it. It almost makes wrapping enjoyable.

Day #11 - Christmas Trees: I love Christmas Trees - but I'm kind of a Christmas Tree snob. I like white lights. Gold. Simple. Elegant. I don't really like Christmas ornaments. Yep. I like it the way I like it.

Day #12 - How has Christmas changed? I don't think our Christmas has changed too much over the years. Add a couple dogs, Zeke, more Christmas presents, and some updated Christmas music. You've got your Koch family Christmas.

Day #13 - Christmas presents - how do they get to your house? 85% of my Christmas shopping this year has been done online. Love it. Amazon, Target, Etsy, Fragrance Net, A Page In Time, The Scrappy Chick, Macy's, Longaberger, Wal Mart, Old Navy, Nordstrom...packages packages packages galore. Love Greg (Poe) the UPS man!

Whew - there - I am caught up. Now onto other fun things:

Last night was our Beta Christmas Social. It was at Michael Jay's - dress up. Fun. The food was delish - the drinks were awesome - the company was lots of fun. I didn't take any pictures. Bummer. It was a lot of fun though. Love spending time with all those couples!

Today - Saturday - relaxing this morning, wrapping Christmas presents (see above), meeting the Pasco girls for dinner and a movie tonight. I need to run a few errands first. I missing out on Candace's birthday wine-tasting party today. It sounded like a lot of fun, but I wasn't sure about the weather (SNOW!) and didn't really want to drive myself to Walla Walla. Sorry Candace!

Happy Saturday!

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