December 28, 2008

[ sewing on Sunday ]

I got thread in the Tri-Cities yesterday (maybe the wrong kind? I ended up with nylon...didn't realize it until I opened the package today.) and attempted to do something with my machine this afternoon.
It's just a little overwhelming...
Success Story #1 - putting the spool of thread on the spindle

Success Story #2 - winding the bobbin

Success Story#3 - putting the bobbin in the under thing-y

Non Success Story #1 - attempted to sew a straight line on a scrap piece of fabric
I think something is wrong with the tension.
And, I quit...for today...that's all I could handle.
Millions of people sew - it can't be that difficult, right?


southwti said...

Hey Marcie,
It looks like it could be a combination of the tension and they nylon thread. You'll get it.

Troy and Jana Withers said...

haha this made me laugh. I still feel the same way even though my mom is an amazing sewer (and I even took sewing classes in college..) it's totally different when you're doing it on your own with your own machine! Goodluck. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. It sure is fun to create something, and you seem to be very creative! :)
take care-

The Perkins said...

for me winding the bobbin is always the hardest part. i swear i have to check the manuel almost every time. you will be wizzing away in no time.