December 3, 2008

[ day #2 - Journal Your Christmas ]

So, I missed day two because I was down and OUT with the flu. Seriously, it kicked my butt! I'm feeling better today, but am still staying home from school.

Day #2 - Weather

I like dreary winter weather - but only if I can stay inside, snuggled underneath a blanket, with Samson on my lap, with a cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie. (Oh wait - that's what I did all day yesterday, minus the hot chocolate!) I also love love love waking up to a blanket of snow covering the ground - it's so pretty, especially with the sun shining on it. I especially love when the winter weather causes a school delay, or even better - no school!
I will say that I HATE ice, walking on ice, driving on ice, you get the picture. I've fallen on ice too many times and I hate that part of winter. It's so annoying!

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