December 3, 2008

[ library card ]

I'm not sure if I've expressed the wonder and awe I have over my library card...yep - a library card. I had one when I lived in Spokane and I kinda forgot about how cool it was! I always feel like I should just buy the book - then I can read it whenever I want - now, three weeks from now, three months from now - whatever.

Well, I was encouraged (or guilted, however you want to look at it) to get a library card, so I did...and I've been using the heck out of it! I'm still afraid I'll forget to return books and then rack up a great big overdue bill. For example - I have two books on my bedroom floor. They're not due until the 8th. That's Monday, right?!

For example, I came home tonight with this (oh - and I'm a big fan of ordering books - NOT browsing the library - not a fan of that):
These are on their way to me: (see a trend?!)
oh - and this: (I think it will be a great read for our New Year's vacation to Chelan) ;)


Scott and Kelli said...

I read that Tori Spelling book. It was actually kind of interesting, and definately a fast read. You'll have to let me know what you think.

southwti said...

Hi my name is Jamie and I have an aversion to libraries. I am addicted to I too got a library card this past summer, but was disappointed at the lack of new books available. It's just likely my patience level why libraries and I don't get along.