July 31, 2007

Summer Update

I've never created a blog before, but it seemed like a good summer project...Since I go back to school two weeks from tomorrow, I can see the end in sight. Better get started on those projects!

My family and I recently returned from Minnesota, where we got to spend time with our family (Hooley's and Koch's), visit DeWulf's in Park Rapids, and have a quick, but wonderful lunch with Jen! Most of the trip was spent in Stillwater with the Hooley's - whom we love!! Our whole family enjoys being with them and this time was no different. Some of the highlights were: quoting Borat day after day with Dennis and Sharon, grasshoppers at Max and Suzi's, and spotting birds in the yard with Anna. We met Ronda at the Mall of America, where Melissa proceeded to "barf in Bloomingdales" as soon as we got there. She spent the rest of the day sleeping in the car. Here's my souvenier from the MOA:

Lucky me! I've been checking this out for a long time...

Since we got home from MN, I've gone to Isidro and KayLynn's wedding, taken Melissa to the airport, went to Brynne's bridal shower, enjoyed relaxing time at home, and repacked my clothes for Priest Lake! Mom and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a few days at the lake.

We're staying until Saturday...we'll be heading to Pullman on Saturday to cheer on Emily at WA Junior Miss. Go Emily!

I'll post some pics of our time with DeWulf's when I get back - okay, Ronda?!