December 18, 2008

[ day #18 - journal your christmas ]

Today it's all about food...
We have some traditions when it comes to food.
1. Treats:
We always make sugar cookies and pretzels covered in white almond bark. Sometimes we make a variety of other cookies/candies like Snickerdoodles, 7 Layer Bars, Hershey Kiss Cookies, etc.
2. Christmas Eve:
Mark & Kim make Lefse and we have dinner before the Christmas Eve service with boiled potatoes, fish, and Lefse. Yum.
3. Christmas Day:
We usually have Prime Rib (yum!) with Mashed Potatoes and other delish side dishes.
4. Desserts:
This year, I ordered two cheesecakes from one of the teachers at school's wife. I know I got a Candy Cane one and I think the other is Mocha Toffee Almond or something like that. I'm hungry!

1 comment:

Hauni said...

Sounds great, can I come to your house this year :) Hope you have a great Christmas!