May 27, 2008

[ memorial day weekend ]

What a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

On Saturday, I got to:

  • Go to Spokane with my Mom, Melissa, Karlye, Amber, and my Aunt Kim
  • shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (scored a necklace, a zippie I've been looking for, and MAC makeup!)
  • have dinner at TWIGS with my cousin Craig (hadn't seen him since he returned to WA from Boston, MA)
  • Pre-Funk in the parking lot of the Spokane Arena
  • Enjoy an AWESOME concert - even from the nosebleed section (2nd row from the top - I thought we were all going to tumble down to the bottom)

Josh Turner

Carrie Underwood
On Sunday, we went to
(a.k.a. my favorite place on earth)
where we:
  • Opened our house for the summer
  • Shopped at the Coolin Days Arts and Crafts Show
  • Played some Rummy & Spite and Malice
  • Read
  • Had dinner and Blue Moons at Korner's
  • Laughed and Laughed
  • Survived for 24 hours without water
  • Melissa and Karlye got water from the lake to flush our toilets!
  • Joked about wearing Depends undergarmets due to said lack of water
  • Played BEER PONG on the porch - and probably made fools of ourselves to the rest of the "association" :)

(look behind Kim's left shoulder...yep...those people were probably laughing at the crazy white trash playing Beer Pong)

  • Enjoyed time with my favorites:

at my favorite place:
(that's us on the right...white with brown roof...nothing fancy, but we love it and we've had a million great memories there...)
I am so thankful for our little favorite place to rest, relax, and get away from the busy life is so busy during the rest of the year, that I cherish my time to be able to enjoy peace and quiet and staying in pajamas until noon and doing whatever I want!)

May 24, 2008

[ carrie underwood ]

whoop whoop!

tonight, i'm spending the evening with...

my Mom, Melissa, Aunt Kim, Karlye, Amber, and...

and then spending the rest of Memorial Day Weekend at

Priest Lake!

have a great weekend!

May 18, 2008

welcome to the family

this came home from Spokane with me today....
and i'm changing my email address to:
take note...

May 16, 2008


just apologizing for not blogging...nothing exciting is happening right now!

samson and i are both getting haircuts on tuesday - that's exciting to me!! youth group ended on wednesday with a fun trip to pasco - panda express, wal-mart, and mcdonalds. good times. we played a little game - the kids were split into two teams and had 20 minutes to fill a cart full of random things. then, they had to switch carts with the other team and put every last thing back. the team that put eveerything back first won! well, they all won a free ice cream cone, so everyone came out a winner. it turned out to be pretty fun, i think.

just having a nice friday afternoon relaxing, with a lime slushie float, and watching oprah's favorite things...thinking about braving the 100 degree weather to go watch the district track meet. we'll see.

May 1, 2008

[ Thankful for Friends ] and a bit of an update

When I was encouraged to start/update my blog, I was worried that it would become a burden on me to's been just the opposite! I enjoy posting (wish I did it more often, but don't we all?!) and I love love love getting in touch with friends!! I feel terrible that I can't keep in contact with each of my friends on a regular basis, so at least this way, they can see what's new with me.

{ My dear, longtime friend Kristiane emailed me today that she enjoyed reading my blog. I didn't know she even read my blog!! She is one of my friends that I feel the most guilty about not staying in constant communication with. When I think I'm busy...I think of Kristiane. She has been going to school - well, forever it seems like! She is now a doctor of opthamology - and Kristiane, if I have that wrong, let me know and I'll correct it!! I'm so proud of her accomplishments and so proud that she is stayed with her goal and is now doing what she always said she would. That is incredible! I truly truly am blessed by her friendship and am so thankful to have her in my life. I just wish I could let her know a little more often!! }

[ I had a picture I was going to put here...but can I find it? NO! ]

For now - check out my scrapbook page in the post below of the wedding announcement, bulletin, & bride and groom. That's her and her husband, Darron. I can't believe I can't find that picture.

This weekend is a little bit crazy. I am the Class of 2009 (juniors) Advisor, which means...
blech. This weekend is prom. I'll be so glad when it's over. I am excited to go and see all the high schoolers dressed up in their ball gowns and tuxes. I didn't go to prom in high school, so it will actually be my first one!
pictures to follow

Also, Melissa is having a Modbe party on Saturday with Kira (McGary) Lee. ( Stop by if you're around!

SUNDAY! Sunday! Time to relax and rev up for the week ahead. AP Tests start on Monday - I'm proctoring 6 tests in 8 days. Talk about a smashing good time!

I've still been scrapbooking, so I'll try to post my new pages when I get a chance.