December 5, 2008

[ day #5 - journal your christmas ]

I'm feeling much better today...I made it through the whole day of school! I also got my hair cut and colored after school (about fell asleep under the dryer!) and picked up Mei Lings for dinner since I'm home alone with the d-o-g-s tonight.
Today's Journal Your Christmas is about Advent/Christmas Countdown Calendars. We don't have our decorations out yet, but I'll take pictures when we do.

I feel indifferent toward countdown/advent calendars. In my opinion, December goes by fast enough as is - let alone marking days off making it go by faster!
One of the Christmas Countdowns we have is a Santa with the numbers 1-24 on little hearts. When Melissa and I were kids, I remember it being a big deal who got to take the numbers off the little nail and put them in Santa's bag. Someone finally figured out that I should get to take the even numbers off since I'd get to do it on my birthday. Genius.
I have made a few Countdown calendars - I enjoy those! :)
I didn't make this one below - but I made quite a few like it. I'll try to take a picture of the one we have here at home.

Well - hopefully I'll have a relaxing night - maybe I'll wrap a few presents. We'll see how much energy I can muster up.

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Olivieri Portrait Design said...

marcie, you have been blogging about what you thankful for and I just wanted to tell you I am thankful for blogs each day .... They make me happy & smile!!! Thank You!