December 23, 2008

[ around the Koch home ]

Mom went around the house taking pictures today, so I thought I'd share them here!
This is a swag that my Uncle Mark made. My Grandpa Walt used to make them and after he passed away, Mark took over the tradition. He makes around 30 each year and puts them on all the family headstones in the cemetary, gives them to friends, family, and usually puts them on the front doors at the church. Often, he gets the pinecones from Montana when he goes there to hunt.

Our favorite sugar cookie's been well-loved as you can tell...
Main Street, Connell:
The Koch's:
Wow! That is a lot of glad to stay inside today and enjoy watching it fall...
Mom tried to have a little photo shoot with Samson and Coco, but they weren't very cooperative.
They look so cute when they're freshly groomed!!

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Scott and Kelli said...

I will definately call you. Are you going to be around after Christmas?