December 7, 2008

[ day #7 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journal is about Christmas Shopping...
I'll say it. I like Christmas shopping. I hate spending the money, but I love finding the perfect gift. I don't like trying to find something for someone that I don't know real well, or feel obligated to get them a gift. That's not fun shopping. Sometimes, there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect thing - not a fan of that either.
We went Black Friday shopping - and I was excited because I THOUGHT I was done shopping. Of course, that is never the case. Are you ever *really* done? I usually just feel like I've "made do" with what I had.
Well, I have gotten a few things online (LOVE LOVE LOVE online shopping - but it's a little *too* easy, you know?!) to cover my bases and I really truly think I'm done. For today.

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