December 14, 2008

[ new project ]

I found these pictures here ( and decided that I need to make one of these!!!

It's a really cool Scripture Challenge. Every week this lady posted a word, prayed about it, found a Bible verse, and scrapped an ATC card with the word and the scripture. I love this idea!
(Here's the link that has all the challenges posted - in reverse order:
I can only imagine how inspiring this would be throughout the, you have all your favorite scriptures in one place for future reference! Lovin' it!
I've seen these ATC holders - I think they're pretty cute. Here's a link to them: I will definitely be purchasing and getting started on this new project the first week in January.
Anyone care to join me? Jennifer? You in?


Ashley Harris said...

Gotta love Patter. She is great! I am actually going to make one of those as a birthday calendar for my MIL for her birthday in May. I figure it will take me that long to get it done. Have a great day!

Jennifer Berry said...

Totally in with you!! Let's get a plan!!