November 30, 2008

[ i think i found one... ]

I think I found a sewing machine:

it's a Brother XL-3750 and on sale at Target this week for $99. It has great reviews and the price is right. Now I just need to find a class to take so I can learn how to use it! I have big ideas rolling around my head (visions of aprons, bags, quilts, table runners, oh my!) - but they won't materialize if I don't know how to use it!!

I've been checking out these websites:

and more...

and I want to make this key fob first - do you think it would be hard to make?

and then this coffee cup holder:

and then when I get real good, these:

I also just bought the buttons to make this:

The lady that made the red one (I found from said it took over 500 buttons. Whoa. I really really like the pink and green one - but I bought red buttons, so we'll see.

This week is pretty low-key...

Monday-Junior Miss Meeting @ 5:30pm
Tuesday - Taking a 1/2 day off for a eye dr. appt!
Wednesday - Youth Group
Thursday - Kate & I are going to visit Christine & Kutter!
Friday - WEEKEND!
Saturday - Jessica's birthday surprise day in Spokane!!
Sunday - celebrate my birthday with the family (hopefully at PF Changs!)

I didn't get any presents wrapped - but I did complete a double scrapbook page of Cody and Jani Montizaan's wedding. I really like how it turned out - I'll have to take a picture and post it. I've made quite a few scrapbook pages that I haven't posted...I'll have to get on that.

Have a great December 1st! :) LOVE December!


southwti said...

That one looks good. I do sew some. My mom actually used to teach people to sew and sewed all of my clothes growing up so if you need any help learning let me know. Lunch Tuesday would work if that works for you. Miss you!

Ashley Harris said...

Nice. It is a good basic model. I never really sewed before I got married. My in laws gave me a machine for Christmas and I have quilted and sewed ever since. I adore that pink button tree. I need to make one! Have fun you crafty thing you!