December 20, 2008

[ day #20 - journal your christmas ]

The unexpected...Christmas card.

I love receiving Christmas cards - but the ones with letters and pictures are so much better! I really enjoying getting pictures of my friends' kids - they are all so adorable! - and hearing about what is going on in their lives.

It's also fun to get a card from someone you weren't expecting one from. That happened to me yesterday. When I came back from lunch, there was a card and a jar of homemade jam on my desk from the lovely Makenna Rowley! Her family along with her aunt & uncle & family own Taste-a-Treat ( and they make the most delicious jams and jellies. I love love love the Berry Special Huckleberry Jam. Makenna wrote a nice note in the Christmas card thanking me for helping her at school and for being a good friend. Aw. So sweet! Her brother, who graduated last year, had given me jam a few times and Makenna is carrying on the tradition, I guess! Lucky me!

I also went to the CHS basketball games last night. I was thinking I wouldn't go - but then I realized it was the only home game during Winter Break and I wanted to see the college kids that are home from college. I got to see a few of the kids that graduated last year that I miss so much. That was worth it! The basketball teams beat Royal too - that's always GREAT!

After school yesterday, Mom and I went down to The Small Mall to pick something up for my Grandma. While we were there, we found a little Santa coat for Coco complete with a black sequined belt. Welcome to our photo shoot:

So glad it's break! I slept in until 8:45am! YAY! My white buttons got here yesterday, so I'm working on my little button tree today! I'm planning to wrap the rest of my presents today and then Jessica & I are taking some of our cheerleaders (and former cheerleaders) to the Elite Cheer & Dance Christmas Show tonight in Richland. I can't wait!

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Jamie said...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your daily additions. It has really made me appreciate this season more!!!! Thanks!!!!