December 6, 2008

[day #6 - Journal Your Christmas]

wow - today is already Saturday! This week went by fast...amazing what staying home for 2.5 days can do! Ha!

Today is going to be extra special fun filled! A few months ago, Jessica asked me if I had anything planned for December 6th. Well, since the football team didn't look like they were going to make it to the championship game, my calendar was wide open! :) She told me that we have plans for that day and if something better comes along, I cannot back out on her.

Fast forward a few weeks and Jess suprised me with an early birthday present - a ticket to the Nutcracker ballet in Spokane and a day with her, Fran, and Amy! Yay! So that's what's happening on December 6th! I am really excited to spend the day with them and go to the Nutcracker. That kind of leads into my journaling for today.

Today's Journal Your Christmas is about Christmas Memories - good and bad. One of my most awkward Christmas Memories is when I was about 13, my Mom surprised Melissa and I with tickets to the Nutcracker in Richland. Funny thing is, my glasses were broke at the time (nerd alert!) and I had to watch the entire Nutcracker ballet with my perscription sunglasses on.

A great Christmas Memory is when my entire Heider family (all 16 of us) spent Christmas in DisneyWorld. It was amazing. I, being the oldest, was skeptical of spending Christmas away from home, but it turned out to be fabulous. We spent the actual Christmas day touring the world at Epcot. The entire week was a great family vacation - the one and only time we've ever gone anywhere as a whole family. What made it more special is that my Grandpa Walt passed away two weeks after we returned home. Little did we know how really special that time as a family was.

I'm sure over the next few weeks many other Christmas Memories will surface in my, if there is a prompt about wrapping Christmas out.

Enjoy your Saturday and I'll report back about the Nutcracker tomorrow!

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Mikaela said...

I saw The Nutcracker a few years ago! It was really awesome! I'm glad that you are getting to go...can't wait to hear how you like it!