October 31, 2010

…field of dreams…

Dirt is moving fast around Connell lately – and not just because it’s been pretty windy!


Work on phase #2 of the Field of Dreams has begun with the work of dedicated local farmers & community members. When those guys put their minds to something, they don’t waste any time!



Eventually, this area will have 2 baseball fields and 2 softball fields –and it will complete the Field of Dreams that was started about 15 years ago.


Many many local farmers have donated their time and their equipment to get this job done. Just another reason why I love this community – people are so generous!



It’s pretty exciting to see the transformation day by day. I don’t know how all these farmers know how to also be excavators, but who am I to question them? Looks good so far!

October 30, 2010

…friday night lights…

I left this little good witch of the East to go to the football game in Finley.good witch kamryn

Since it was our last regular season game and we had a half day of school yesterday, we decided to all go out to dinner together. It’s always a learning experience taking the cheerleaders to dinner. They learn so much – how to pay with a debit card, how to leave a tip, how to act appropriately in a restaurant.

Funny quote from dinner…the waitress told us there was a salsa bar and to help ourselves. Madison shoots up out of her chair and says “Do we have to take our own chips?!”

After dinner, we headed out to Finley. This game has been anticipated since June when these two teams met at summer ball and there was a some shared animosity. We prepped the girls to be good cheerLEADERS and help downplay the bad sportsmanlike behavior. Our crowd did great and were great sports all night! The cheerleaders did a lot of cheers that the crowd can cheer along with (Eagle Power, De-Fense, C-H-S, etc.) but our crowd are terrible cheer-along-ers. C’mon – stand up for the fight song, at least!!


Ronan liked his new gloves with pockets. Smile



We won 46-17 and earned the title of League Champs!! We will host the Naches Rangers next Friday night!

Leaving you with one last picture of our cheerleaders – I’m so proud. Smile They were asked to help at the library Halloween party the other night for the kids in the community. They dressed up like zombie cheerleaders and had a great time!

zombie cheerleaders

October 27, 2010

…Eek! Beta Halloween Party…

Last night was our annual Beta Halloween party. Everyone gets excited and pretty dressed up. I dressed up as a butterfly and Melissa painted my face. Not quite as fun as Lucy 2009!


Mom & I were on the planning committee. We had a lot of fun with the food and coming up with spooky Halloween-y names!










I saw this cute candy bar on House of Smiths blog. I love how it turned out!
It was fun to make the tags and get the candy. I love copying cute ideas!


My Mom was a hot witch – I wish you could see her eyelashes! They were glittery silver spider webs!


I also made the treat bags – they had these bloodshot eyeballs and neon vampire fangs. Melissa was imitating how she’d look at parent/teacher conferences in the next few days. Smile








We had a great party and played some fun Minute to Win It games. We’re already looking forward to next year and planning our costumes!

October 23, 2010

…lots going on this week!…

It was a busy week around the Koch household!

Some big things happened:

1. I got a new laptop! I’ve been wanting one for a while but afraid to take the plunge. I had my other laptop for 6 or 7 years and it did me good until the last two years probably. I wanted another one that would last just as long. I seriously shopped around a few weeks ago and decided to go for it. Once I found and configured the computer I wanted, it sat open on my desktop for a few days until I got enough nerve to push the “Purchase” button.  I’m so glad I did! It is smaller, lighter, and faster than my other one. Love it!

2. My Dad got hearing aides! This also has been along time coming! He decided it was time after he was in Minnesota last month. It’s already been life changing for him in less than a week! The first night he asked, has the clock always been that loud?! The only bad thing? We can’t talk about him behind his back now! Smile Just kidding.

3. Mom had a birthday! Friday birthdays are usually fun, but unfortunately we were all pretty busy on this particular Friday so we didn’t get to celebrate as hardy as we usually do. We’ll try to make up for it this evening with a big family dinner at Red Lobster!

This upcoming week is conferences at school, so no school for students on Wednesday and Thursday. I have to go into work at 9am on Wednesday and 12 on Thursday. LOVE IT! I really like the change in schedule for a few days – but am always glad to go back to the traditional schedule after that!

…big night!…

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday! It was kind of a crazy day with school, the football game, getting some Kamryn time, and trying to squeeze in some celebrating time too!

We decided to go to dinner at Mei Lings before the game…Kamryn wasn’t too sure what to think!

vs. Royal 10-22 (2)vs. Royal 10-22 (3)photo 3photo 1

After dinner, Melissa and I headed to the football game. It was a pretty big game last night – one of the most anticipated of the year, against ROYAL!

Our boys did a great job and got a win against Royal, 50-14.

Bring it!!

Aprilvs Royal 10-22 teamvs. Royal 10-22 (8)vs. Royal 10-22 (11)vs. Royal 10-22 (12)vs. Royal 10-22 (13)vs. Royal 10-22 (14)vs. Royal 10-22 (19)

The cheerleaders performed a halftime routine – they did awesome!

Every week they make me more and more proud! I can’t wait to see what they do in the post season!

October 16, 2010

…watch out wahluke…

To say that I was excited to go to Mattawa would be a huge understatement. Mattawa (Wahluke High School) is not my favorite destination – but the girls wore their new pink t-shirts for breast cancer awareness, so there was a highlight!

@wahluke 10-15 (4)

Check out the girls’ amazing array of stunts!

 @wahluke 10-15 (1) @wahluke 10-15 (2) @wahluke 10-15 (3)  @wahluke 10-15 (5) @wahluke 10-15 (6) @wahluke 10-15 (7)

I was definitely NOT prepared for for the cold cold weather! I was soooo cold!

But the team did win – and were ahead by enough at halftime that we got to have a running clock for the second half. Love that.

@wahluke 10-15 (8)

We’re on the lookout for some new stunts to perform during the post season and we’ll be preparing a new dance for the last regular season home game next Friday! Can’t believe we only have 2 regular season games left – but they are two of the biggest – Royal and Riverview! Here we come!