December 16, 2008

[ journal #16 - journal your christmas ]

Grateful for the simple things:
1. Snuggling with Samson under my new cable knit blanket that I picked out for my birthday present from my Grandma. The UPS Santa brought it today! :)

2. Friends: I'm going to visit Christine, Kameron, and Kutter tonight with Kate. Yay!

3. Family: This is my cousin Lisa who lives in Virginia with her husband Jon. They're expecting a baby in May and found out yesterday that it's a girl! This is her at 20 weeks (yesterday). I am very excited for them and to have a baby in the family! Our family is evolving...we're growing up...becoming parents! AH!

4. Sleep. As in, I need some.

5. My job

6. Crafting

7. DVR (It's the simple things, right?!)

8. Music - I'm in deep with the Christmas music these days. My favorite for today is the Taylor Swift Holiday Collection!

9. Four Seasons - I really love living where there are four distinct seasons. Like this morning, when I went to school the thermometer in my car read -1. I was thinking about the days when it was 100+ over the summer. Amazing how our bodies acclimate.

(To round things out...)

10. Faith...How God Youth Group-ies...

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