January 28, 2009

[ family ]

Tonight, my whole family (minus Kevin and David) got together for dinner at Mei Lings to celebrate Jon, Lisa, and baby Rein being "home" from Washington, D.C.

We don't get to see them often, only once or if we're lucky, twice, a year.

It was fun to all be together and grill Jon & Lisa on important topics like:

  • The Inauguration (Jon is a Secret Service Agent stationed at the White House)
  • What Washington D.C. was *really* like last week
  • Baby Names
  • Baby Names
  • Baby Names

We had a good time, although not long enough with them. On Saturday, Lisa's sisters-in-law (Jon has 4 sisters and 2 brothers) are having a baby shower for Lisa. Mom & I won't be able to attend due to the Crafter's Getaway retreat, so we "showered" her early this evening.

Also, my cousin Craig just got back from Las Vegas today, so it was a lot of fun hearing about his trip. All of us cousins really want to go to Vegas together when Amber, the youngest, turns 21 in 2010. Now Lisa will have a one-year-old, but hopefully we can still all go. I think it would be a blast - even if I'll be old by then (29...ah!) running around with all the youngsters. :)

This picture is one of my favorites of all of us, even though Amber isn't in it...although we did threaten to paste her face over Jordan's (Kevin & Paige's cousin on their mom's side)...

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The Perkins said...

Holy Cow!! How old you will be--oh my--actually the same age as I am right now:) I am going to craft warehouse tomorrow and i will be thinking about you. You are so close to a crafy weekend--hang in there!!