January 27, 2009

[ update ]

I see signs of normalcy returning life at CHS.
I think scheduling is pretty much over (until AUGUST. Gag.) and we're moving on to the next fun things (testing, WASL, testing, AP, testing, scheduling for 09/10).
There have been a few controversial topics in the news here in Washington regarding schools lately...
1. The new Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn announcing that the WASL will be phased out and replaced with an assessment that is less time consuming and electronic. What a freakin' concept. Tri-City Herald Article
2. Legislatures and Representatives in the House & Senate proposing bills to allow schools to have 4 day weeks to save money on janitors, transportation, etc. during this time of major fiscal cuts in Governor Gregoire's budget. I can see the logic, but there are so many aspects to it that would be VERY hard to figure out. It will be interesting to see how it transpires.

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anna said...

I have to say it is about time that the wasl gets replaced with something new and electronic might make things easier... hmm...interesting to see how it all turns out...