January 5, 2009

[ Celebrating Life ]

I haven't had the opportunity to write about the loss of some important people around Connell...
Rep. Steve Hailey
Steve was one of the most upstanding men in Franklin County, ultimately being chosen to represent this area as a Representative in Olympia. He lost his battle with colon cancer last week. His life was celebrated on Saturday with a wonderful service recognizing his lifetime achievements, deep devotion to his family, and friendship to all. As it was said on Saturday, Steve had a footprint that extended across the nation and it will be impossible to fill.
Sandy Engelhard
Sandy babysat Melissa and I when we were kids...she passed away on Friday of an apparent heart attack. The loss of Sandy is sudden and so sad - but she was in so much pain that it is a comfort to know she does not have to deal with that anymore. I have many great memories of time spent at the Engelhard's. Sandy was the beloved wife of Mr. E. (a favorite math teacher at CHS).
My prayers are with both the Hailey's and the Englehard's as they endure these significant losses.

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Brian and Jennifer said...

Is that Mr. Engelhardts (math teacher) wife?