January 17, 2009

[ lovin' saturday ]

Does anyone else hate coming up with titles for their blogs? I'm so boring...usually it's just the day of the week - tells a lot, eh?!
Today was a good Saturday...
I went to Junior Miss practice. We have a great group of 8 girls who are learning their routines very quickly! They're a lot of fun to be around and make getting up on a Saturday morning not so bad.
After practice, I met my friends Hannah, Jen, Lindsay, and Libby to start planning our 10-year class reunion. Are you for real? I can't believe it's already that time. Anyway, it's here and I'll deal with it - even though I'm complaining and it's hard to believe we're that age, I really am looking forward to all being together again and seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I loved my high school experience and I still feel as though I'll always be friends with my friends from high school. I am very lucky. :)
We had a great time together (even though I thought I was stood up at first!) and brainstormed some ideas. I started a blog for our class and posted some polls there to get an idea of what people would like to do. I'm interested to see the response we get.
Tonight, Mom, Jessica Fife, and I went to the Tri-Cities. We went to Craft Warehouse (surprise, surprise...) where I got flannel fabric to make a baby blanket. It's a little ambitious, but I think I'm up for the challenge. We went to see the movie "Bride Wars" - it was really cute...a little predictable, but I would recommend it.
Tomorrow - maybe some sewing - putting together make and take bags - and starting to pack for the retreat are on my list of to-do items. Looking forward to having no school on Monday! I will enjoy it fully since the rest of the week promises to be a whirlwind...

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