January 24, 2009

[ catching up ]

Not much to report on since Thursday. School on Friday was spent doing most of the same stuff as Thursday. Lots of "meetings", changing schedules, appeasing teachers, and on and on. I stayed at work until about 6:15pm getting caught up after the busy week and then headed down to the basketball games. Both the girls and the boys games were intense with Connell sweeping Burbank! Yeah!
Today we had Junior Miss practice this morning, I came home and rested, then went to the Tri-Cities to run a few errands. I met Jessica & Emersyn for a Target date - I can't believe that it had been over a month since I'd seen them. Emersyn is just as sweet as ever and I love spending time with Jess. (By the way - post a picture of your new project, Jess!! I want to see your new talents!)

I'm not sure why, but it seems like every time I'm in the Tri-Cities this winter, a storm brews and the roads become terrible. Seriously - today was probably the third or fourth time that I've driven home well under the speed limit. Tonight, I drove 40-45 all the way home and passed three accidents. I was very glad to get home safely.

I'd like to do something crafty tonight, but I got sucked into "The Da Vinci Code" on TV with my Dad. I have a quilt top to finish, fabric to cut to prepare for the Crafters Getaway next week, and sewing stuff to clean up so I can work on my Scripture Challenge (two weeks behind) and get stuff ready for Kate to come tomorrow. She and I are going to make baby shower invitations for a shower we're having for Jessica Fife.

Also, I got some new quilt patterns in the mail today from Thimble Blossoms (my new obsession - I heard about this company and the designer/owner Camille Roskelley from Amber Yount's blog. I love Camille's blog and get pretty excited when I see she's posted!):

Camille also has a free pattern right now here: Moda Bake Shop. I'd love to make it. Table Runners seem very manageable! I love the thick ric rack!!

Finally, I thought I'd share my thoughts on Michelle Obama's inaugural gown, since I was so excited to see what she would pick.


My amateur fashion critique: she's fairly short-waisted and this dress just emphasizes it. I don't like the color, the wispy things coming off of it, etc. etc. etc. I just think she could've done better. It was "such a historic event" for crying out loud!

I did think that Malia and Sasha were just about the cutest little fashion divas ever!

Hello pink and orange! Way to start a trend, Sasha!!

I also love the letter that (supposedly) the Bush twins left to the Obama girls. I always did like those Bush girls!

That's it for tonight. It's 8pm now and it doesn't look like much is going to get done. :)


David and Kira said...

Wow, I'll just refer to you as the "craft lady"!! Seems we got your bad weather as it is snowing outside today.

John and Karie said...

YAY! quilting is very fun. That star pattern quilt that i'm working on, i saw an idea of something kind of similar, and i've just taken that and went off on my own. so there is no really pattern on it. I'm sure you will make one amazing quilter because you are so stinking creative. You'll have to be sure to post your finished products :) Hope your doing well. Miss you and all your family. Tell them HI for me.