January 21, 2009

[ 16 things about me today ]

I've seen on some blogs (Ali Edwards, specifically) that they're listing 16 things about themselves. I figured that would be a pretty easy way to tackle a post for today! (Not that I have to blog everyday, but I enjoy it!)

1. I am sick of changing student's schedules. Especially if they have already been in my office to change their schedule two...or three...or ten times already! I'm also sick of having no options for student's who do have a legitimate reason to change their schedule.

2. I'm a little obsessed with sewing now that I'm feeling successful at it. And - the obsession extends to fabric too. I now have fabric to make 4 quilts in addition to the one I'm working on. :}

3. Speaking of obsession - Pandora internet radio on my iPhone. I've been listening to Passion music all day. Love it. So easy!

4. I'm pretty excited to see my cousin Lisa and her husband Jon next week. They're coming from Virginia. She's pregnant and due in May - and I haven't got to see her since I knew she was pregnant. (I saw her in September a week before she announced her pregnancy!) She is the petite one in our family and I know she's got to have a cute prego bump.

5. I'm shamefully watching "Gossip Girl" right now. I really like those dumb shows (The Hills, 90210, Gossip Girl), but my favorite by far is "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Guilty obsession.

6. I got a new zippie at Wal-Mart on Monday for $12. That's right folks, $12. I'm going to go back and buy a few more at that price!

7. I am enjoying hearing from long-lost high school friends that we're contacting for our high school reunion.

8. I still need new black shoes. I hate looking for them though!

9. Does anyone have any cute ideas for a baby shower invite? My friend Kate & I are throwing a baby shower for our friend Jessica and need some inspiration.

10. I love getting new clothes. I like wearing new clothes too. And, I like the indoor/outdoor slippers I got for Christmas. And cardigans. :)
11. I wish I could read more. I had a book in my basket at Target the other day and then put it back because I remembered I could check it out from the library. Not sure if that's a good thing.
12. Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows.
13. I like browsing I've found some great things on there for fairly inexpensive prices.
14. I love watching Samson sleep. I've heard people say that about their is that wierd that I like to watch my dog sleep? He's so cute when he snuggles or when he stretches. I love that dog!
15. I really want to go to Minnesota this summer and I'm thinking about driving. Possibly by myself. Just me and Sam-dawg.
16. OMG! I just read online that the new Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced today that 2009 will be the last year of the WASL as we know it. Can I get a whoop whoop?! That is such a relief! I think about all the work it takes to account for each booklet (before, during, and after), convince students to try their best, sharpen 50 dozen pencils a day, get snacks for the students, keep track of who's passed & who hasn't (because the state DOES NOT have a reliable system), and try everything in our power to get the students to pass the WASL through a variety of other means. I hate being the one to tell a student that they haven't passed or their SAT/ACT scores aren't high enough, or the very worst - they aren't going to graduate. The WASL is the worst part of my job and I'm so happy it's being revamped. It's definitely needed.
Ok - let's see your 16 random things about you!

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southwti said...

Hey Marcie!
So I'm intrigued, what the heck is a zippie?

I love Real Housewives too. And are you ready for this? I have a new episode of Big Love! Hahaha!