January 12, 2009

[ Monday Monday ]

Not much to write today...busy day at work. I left a pile on my desk to tackle tomorrow. I hate leaving things until tomorrow, but c'est la vie.
Did anyone else love love love the spring-type weather today?! I changed into a short sleaved shirt after school and drove with my window down. Love it!

After work, I ran to town to pick up the rest of the fabric I need to finish my table runner project. I also went to this new store I found out about - Village Quiltworks on Keene off of Queensgate. When I was looking at their website, I saw that they had this adorable kit, so I called to see if they had any left and there was ONE, so I asked for it to be put on hold until this afternoon. I am now the proud owner of the fabric and pattern to make this:

I realize it might be a little out of my skill range, but I might be good enough in the near future! No way to get there but to practice!

I came home and played around a little bit. I cut the fabric and batting for my table runner, but it requires mitered corners and that freaks me out. It's still in pieces.

So, I moved on to coasters that I'd seen in one of my books.

Here's my lopsided, but kinda cute coaster. It's growing on me. I had it in mind to give to someone, but since I don't quite have the straight stitching thing down, I'll keep it to remind me of my humble beginnings.

I was hoping to stop and see Jessica and Emersyn today, but they are both down and out - so
Also - my Beta group is sponsoring a Crafter's Retreat January 30-February 1. We're needing some additional participants, so if you know anyone that is interested - have them call me (509-531-8471) or email me ( Any and all types of crafters are welcome! The cost is $90 for the weekend. It's at the Clarion Hotel in Richland, so retreat participants can stay at the hotel if they choose. It's going to be rockin'!

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Mikaela said...

Okay, you have the cutest fabrics, and I think your table runner and coaster are super cute!

Also, my bread turned out so so good. My husband even said I need to throw out all other recipes and stick to this one. I gave a loaf to my friends, they said it was the best they'd ever had. Oh, and my secret is, I always pull things out a little prematurely. I like doughy stuff, and I make everyone around me like it (or at least eat it) So maybe that would work to help yours be more moist? Thanks again for the delish recipe!