January 5, 2009

[ day #36 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journaling is about putting away Christmas decorations...which we haven't done yet! :) It takes so much time & energy to unpack the decorations and to put them up - it's such a shame that they're only out to enjoy for such a short period of time.

We enjoy our Christmas tree so much...I love the bright white lights illuminating the living room in the morning dusk. We usually leave our tree up well into January...knowing full well Christmas is over. It makes me sad that our lives are so date oriented that it seems to be "socially unacceptable" to leave a Christmas Tree up and Christmas lights on the house. It's always "onto the next thing..."
Just yesterday, some friends of Melissa's stopped by the house and they all made a comment about our tree:
"Oh wow! Your tree is still up...well, it's pretty."
"Isn't Christmas over?"

Yes! Christmas is over.

Yes! Every other American has taken down their tree.

But we haven't.


We like it like that!!

As for the other Christmas decorations...we tend to enjoy snowmen because it is socially acceptable for them to stay up well into February or as long as there is snow on the ground. Which may be for a long time. (We received at least 3 inches last night which resulted in a welcomed 2-hour delay today!)

Oh - and for the record - our stockings are still up too.

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