January 26, 2009

[ just another manic monday ]

Today was the first day of the second semester at school. I can't believe we're halfway through the school year! Yikes! Of course, the office was flooded with students wanting to change their schedules. It gets tiring having to tell them "no" "No" "NO" time after time. There is just no room to move around, our schedule is so tight. Tomorrow, the focus will be balancing classes if possible and trying to get all the classes, except for PE, under 30 students per class. It will be interesting. I stayed at school until 5:30pm tonight catching up. I was out of the office in meetings for the majority of today, so I got behind very quickly. I am thankful for Jennifer & Meri for all they do...I know it was frustrating today, but I appreciate them doing what they could to keep the sanity!! :)
Tonight, I cut fabric for two (identical) quilts. That's most likely what I'll be doing this weekend at the craft retreat. If I find time to pack some scrapbooking stuff, I'll take that too. I think it's already time for a new rotary cutter blade...that went fast!


Leah said...

Marcie, I thought your title was so funny, because a guy at work and I used it to describe the day as well. It was quite a day, for sure.

southwti said...

Hey Marcie!
So my weekend is crazy on Saturday and Friday. Could I pop by the retreat on Sunday and say hi and look at your Stampin up catalog?

The Perkins said...

OHHHH I remember the first day of the semester--sorry. I DID think about coming to the retreat, but then I remembered that my baby cannot go to sleep and for sure cannot STAY asleep without maternal supervision. Then I realized that overnight crafty funness was not for me this year. I did start binding the tablerunner today and if I finish I will post a picture--it is actually pretty cute. Amy Fran Bobbie and I ARE actually getting together to craft saturaday--we are not boycotting your retreat, we are being hateful complaining wives and mothers togeter:) Also we are watching Gilmore Girls. It is wierd what having kids can keep you from doing--like slumber craft parties!!! Maybe next year. sorry for the long commment.