January 28, 2009

[ worthy news ]

I just re-read my blog from last night and had to laugh.
I linked two articles from the Tri-City Herald...and realized that I probably could have found more reliable sources of news.
hee hee


The Perkins said...

I am not great at binding either. I am new at it too, but I can teach you what I know. On your blog--at the link for Camille--there is a good link to show binding. She explains it pretty good. It takes a lot of hand sewing though which stinks, so I tend to finish everything and leave it unbound--bad habit. I am almost done binding the tablerunner and my fingers are sore from pushing the needle
through:)Erika lives in town in an apartment somewhere, but she is suppossed to call when she feels like having guests--I will keep you posted.

The Perkins said...

You will have fun getting crunk and sewing with the crazy sorority sisters!!!