January 3, 2009

[ day #34 - journal your christmas ]

day #34 - your single most favorite moment of this holiday season

I have a lot of favorites during the Christmas season that I've shared previously.

For example, I love singing Christmas hymns in church and the first sight of red Starbucks cups excites me to no end.

But, I think my favorite tradition that adds up to many moments is getting coffee and driving around looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. I did this a lot in college when I needed to get away from my dorm room or take a break from studying for finals. I have great memories of finding new neighborhoods in Spokane, dragging friends along, and discovering the tackiest of all tacky decorated homes (envision lots of blow up decorations in the front yard, millions of strings of lights in all different colors, wooden cut out reindeer and Santas next to a wooden cut out Nativity...those are the hidden jewels of Christmas light looking).

Something like this, perhaps. (I got this randomly from Google, but it's a great example of what I'm talking about!)

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