January 6, 2009

[ crafty update ]

I have visions of crafts dancing in my head...
Here's a scrapbook layout in progress:

And remember the project that Jennifer and I are challenging ourselves with in 2009? Here's the link to refresh your memory:
Basically, we get a word every week that we are supposed to ponder, find Bible passages about, study, and then choose a scripture or two that illustrates that word for you. Then - (the fun part) - we create an ATC (a 4" x 2" card) with the word on one side and the scripture on the other side. Then, we put them on this:

So - that's what it looks like empty. I'll post pictures periodically throughout the year to show you how it progresses. I'm excited about the possibilities of this challenge and for the fact that it will force me to study the Bible more...something that I, unfortunately, put on the back burner too often. That's a whole other post.
(But see those pink buttons behind it? Visions of a pink Valentine tree...Can you see it?!)
Onto my new obsession...collecting products relating to sewing! :) If only I was as successful actually sewing as I am collecting products!
My new library of books (which contain many many projects just waiting to be created!):
My sewing basket that I salvaged from my pile of extra Longaberger...who knew you could have extra Longaberger? It is possible. What is great about this basket is that it spins! Can you get a more perfect sewing basket?
Fabulous fabric that I picked up in Chelan at Woven Memories and at Craft Warehouse in Kennewick:

I got these cut off the bolt for $2.25/yard. That's good, right?
These are awesome precut squares...I think they're called a charm pack?!
Aren't these packaged so adorably?
Does the fabric above look at all similar to the fabric below?
Huh. Guess I really like it?! :)
I picked out the fabric above in Chelan...then came home with the fabric below from Craft Warehouse. I had no idea they were the same until I saw them next to each other.
I really like these colors! They're so unlike me, yet so complimentary to my personality, I think! How is that possible?!
I have visions of pin cushions galore!
My fabulous sale find at Target on Sunday - I love these wire tiered baskets (I had a cream one in this one's place that I relocated to my bathroom). This basket was $17.99 marked down to $8.98. Love love love Target!
Anyway - I thought it was perfect to display my fabric. And all those stamps on the bottom shelf were previously housed in the three tiers of the cream basket that had been located in this space. Much better. that I have the supplies and the inspiration...I need the skillz.

Anyone know of any classes around the Tri-Cities?

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David and Kira said...

Joann always has classes and Michaels too!