January 25, 2009

[ sunday ]

I did get some crafty things done last night (yay!) - I'll post pictures tomorrow of my Scripture Challenge cards.

Today, I went to Spencer Hadley's farewell at the Connell LDS church. I really enjoy Spencer and it was apparent that many other people do because the chapel was full! He's going to California on his mission.

After Spencer's farewell, I went to my church and then to lunch with Mom, Dad Grandma, and Nick & Kate. Kate and I had plans this afternoon to do a little crafting - making invites for Jessica Fife's baby shower. I think they turned out pretty cute, although this isn't a great picture.

Nick & Kate invited Mom, Dad, and I to dinner at their house tonight and a little Wii action. We even got Dad playing the Slot Car Races!

Tomorrow night, I have big plans to cut fabric and pack in preparation for this upcoming weekend. It's my only completely free night this entire week.

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