February 1, 2009

[ crafters getaway ]

The 2009 Beta Psi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Crafters Getaway was a huge success! I have several ideas rolling around in my brain to make improvements for 2010. It was a lot of fun, I got a lot accomplished, and enjoyed time with good friends.
I'll post pictures soon - maybe tomorrow. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and am exhausted. Good exhausted. :)


Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Thanks Marcie for a great weekend. I will keep you posted on how the Album goes with Jason! ;) Call me sometime to hang out now that I'm here. Not much to do now that I don't have Jason to hang out with! lol ;)

kim said...

Hi Marcie - I'm giving you the letter K. Have fun!

The Perkins said...

2 days with not post??? I know more has happened than finding the best pen ever and thinking about me all morning....but what???? Are you just sitting around wondering how it is possible that Emersyn will be 1 years old 2 months???? Or pondering who will get cut on American Idol???? All very legitimate concerns, but I don't know because it seems that you have fallen off the planet. Where did Marcie go??
OH...and when do I need to make treats for Junior Miss??