January 4, 2009

[ day #35 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journal is about what I want to remember for next year.
Let's see...we've got the baking thing down to the bare minimum and we could reduce even that. One cheesecake instead of two.
Forego Secret Santa at work again (it made life a lot easier!).
Decide whether or not to exchange gifts at work earlier than the week before Christmas.
Buy a gift certificate for Family Gift Exchange - huge hit!
Commit to making homemade Christmas gifts and actually follow through with it.
Begin shopping in October and actually finish by the beginning of December. For real.
Focus more on the meaning of Christmas.
Spend more time with family.
Relax...breathe...take everything in.

1 comment:

Jenks Family said...

I agree with all of that, we get so crazy this time of year.