January 18, 2009

[ another craft day on a Sunday ]

Oh man, I got a lot done today!
First of all - I took a bunch of pictures on my iPhone...and when I was emailing them to myself to put them on here, I found this picture that I took the other day. I saw this idea on Becky Higgins' blog (scrapbook celebrity) and I thought it was a cool idea. This was on my way home from school the other day after a long day. Hence the look. I thought it would be cheesy to smile at myself. :)
Back to the day o' crafting.
I didn't go to church this morning (tsk tsk), so I went to the craft room, turned on "The Message" Sirius Christian Pop music station and had church my way. :)
I made samples of the two Make and Takes I'm going to teach at the Crafters Getaway in two weeks.
This is a box made out of one sheet of paper. It's supposed to be tied with the blue colored ribbon where the two holes are - but I ordered the ribbon on eBay and it's not here yet. I thought they're cute Valentine's gifts. I made them for the basketball cheerleaders last year for Valentine's Day.
This is a gift card holder that is super simple. I hope our crafting guests will enjoy these two projects... :)
I also gathered all the supplies needed for each project and put them into containers - attempting to be organized!!
After that, I worked on the card for this week's Scripture Challenge. The word of the week is kindness. I used Galations 5:22 as my scripture - the Fruits of the Spirit verse.

I have been working on this for a few evenings. I painted it yellow and then today covered it with paper and decorated it - then Modge Podged it. I'm going to give it away as a door prize at the Crafters Getaway.
THEN, I finally got to sew. I went to Craft Warehouse last night and got flannel to make a baby blanket for my cousin's baby that is due in May. I'm a little nervous to start it. While at Craft Warehouse, I found a pattern for a cute blanket that uses 8 fat quarters. I had 5 fat quarters at home of a cute turquoise/yellow/orange/red fabric family. I picked up three more fat quarters that coordinated. Today, I decided to tackle it.
I cut all the fabric. I am not a big fan of cutting. In fact, I don't like it at all. But, it's a necessary part of the process.
I started sewing the pieces together (A +B, C+D, C+C+D, etc.)...I remembered a trick that Jennifer had told me, so I tried it:
Just keep feeding the fabric into the presser foot without raising it. It worked well for me and it made things go a lot faster and smoother.
I layed out all my combos of fabric and labeled them so I would remember what is what. It could get quite confusing without that! :) I sewed everything together that I could...and now I have to press everything. I thought I'd save that for another day. My eyes were starting to cross!!
Here's my stacks:
I am feeling excited about quilting and feel a lot more confident about it than I did a week ago. How things can change...
When I was rescuing pictures off my iPhone, I found this one - I forgot it was on there! This is Samson and I reading in Chelan. How relaxing!

Yay for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tomorrow! I'm excited about no school! I think Mom and I are going to the Tri-Cities to run some errands and get our nails done - and I am having Jessica & Emersyn withdrawals! We have Jr Miss practice tomorrow night.

Practically the only thing that passes for news lately is the inauguration. I'm trying to stay as far from it as possible. Probably more on that later....

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Countrylivn' said...

I love it all! you are so talented, I am pretty sure I have told you that before, enjoy your much deserved day off!