January 4, 2009

[ Chelan and more ]

I haven't written about Chelan yet, but since school is starting tomorrow (boo hoo hoo), I'd better get my blog on. :)

Chelan was fun. Period.


No really, it was really fun.

As we were preparing to go, Mom and I were talking about how it would be so nice to just stay home...but when we were preparing to come home, we both decided we were very glad we went.

I read a book. We watched a movie. We played Rumoli...and "May I" (the Heiders call it Progressive Rummy)...and "Trains" (the Heiders call it Mexican Dominoes). We shopped. We went wine tasting. We rang in 2009. We read magazines...drank coffee...talked with friends. We hung out by the fire. We went to the casino and played the slot machines (I won $12!). We bowled on the Wii. Mattie Jean KO'd me when we played boxing on the Wii. We frequented Starbucks. We watched it snow...and snow...and snow.

Love it. We have reservations to do it all again for New Year's 2010. Wow. 2010. Can you believe it?!
Wine Tasting:
Zeke & Melissa
Mom & Karen
Zeke and Larry
Christine & I

Travis, Jamie, Aubri, and Michael

New Year's Eve Dinner @ Campbell's:

Mom & Dad

Corky, Kara, & I

Eric, Corky, & Kyle

The lucky (and nasty smoky) casino:


Kara with all her winnings...she was on a roll!

Mattie Jean and Karen

Mattie Jean, Anna, & Emma with Kleinbach's new dog Twizzler

Kara & Emma

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