January 28, 2009

[ family ]

Tonight, my whole family (minus Kevin and David) got together for dinner at Mei Lings to celebrate Jon, Lisa, and baby Rein being "home" from Washington, D.C.

We don't get to see them often, only once or if we're lucky, twice, a year.

It was fun to all be together and grill Jon & Lisa on important topics like:

  • The Inauguration (Jon is a Secret Service Agent stationed at the White House)
  • What Washington D.C. was *really* like last week
  • Baby Names
  • Baby Names
  • Baby Names

We had a good time, although not long enough with them. On Saturday, Lisa's sisters-in-law (Jon has 4 sisters and 2 brothers) are having a baby shower for Lisa. Mom & I won't be able to attend due to the Crafter's Getaway retreat, so we "showered" her early this evening.

Also, my cousin Craig just got back from Las Vegas today, so it was a lot of fun hearing about his trip. All of us cousins really want to go to Vegas together when Amber, the youngest, turns 21 in 2010. Now Lisa will have a one-year-old, but hopefully we can still all go. I think it would be a blast - even if I'll be old by then (29...ah!) running around with all the youngsters. :)

This picture is one of my favorites of all of us, even though Amber isn't in it...although we did threaten to paste her face over Jordan's (Kevin & Paige's cousin on their mom's side)...

[ worthy news ]

I just re-read my blog from last night and had to laugh.
I linked two articles from the Tri-City Herald...and realized that I probably could have found more reliable sources of news.
hee hee

January 27, 2009

[ update ]

I see signs of normalcy returning life at CHS.
I think scheduling is pretty much over (until AUGUST. Gag.) and we're moving on to the next fun things (testing, WASL, testing, AP, testing, scheduling for 09/10).
There have been a few controversial topics in the news here in Washington regarding schools lately...
1. The new Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn announcing that the WASL will be phased out and replaced with an assessment that is less time consuming and electronic. What a freakin' concept. Tri-City Herald Article
2. Legislatures and Representatives in the House & Senate proposing bills to allow schools to have 4 day weeks to save money on janitors, transportation, etc. during this time of major fiscal cuts in Governor Gregoire's budget. I can see the logic, but there are so many aspects to it that would be VERY hard to figure out. It will be interesting to see how it transpires.

January 26, 2009

[ just another manic monday ]

Today was the first day of the second semester at school. I can't believe we're halfway through the school year! Yikes! Of course, the office was flooded with students wanting to change their schedules. It gets tiring having to tell them "no" "No" "NO" time after time. There is just no room to move around, our schedule is so tight. Tomorrow, the focus will be balancing classes if possible and trying to get all the classes, except for PE, under 30 students per class. It will be interesting. I stayed at school until 5:30pm tonight catching up. I was out of the office in meetings for the majority of today, so I got behind very quickly. I am thankful for Jennifer & Meri for all they do...I know it was frustrating today, but I appreciate them doing what they could to keep the sanity!! :)
Tonight, I cut fabric for two (identical) quilts. That's most likely what I'll be doing this weekend at the craft retreat. If I find time to pack some scrapbooking stuff, I'll take that too. I think it's already time for a new rotary cutter blade...that went fast!

January 25, 2009

[ sunday ]

I did get some crafty things done last night (yay!) - I'll post pictures tomorrow of my Scripture Challenge cards.

Today, I went to Spencer Hadley's farewell at the Connell LDS church. I really enjoy Spencer and it was apparent that many other people do because the chapel was full! He's going to California on his mission.

After Spencer's farewell, I went to my church and then to lunch with Mom, Dad Grandma, and Nick & Kate. Kate and I had plans this afternoon to do a little crafting - making invites for Jessica Fife's baby shower. I think they turned out pretty cute, although this isn't a great picture.

Nick & Kate invited Mom, Dad, and I to dinner at their house tonight and a little Wii action. We even got Dad playing the Slot Car Races!

Tomorrow night, I have big plans to cut fabric and pack in preparation for this upcoming weekend. It's my only completely free night this entire week.

January 24, 2009

[ catching up ]

Not much to report on since Thursday. School on Friday was spent doing most of the same stuff as Thursday. Lots of "meetings", changing schedules, appeasing teachers, and on and on. I stayed at work until about 6:15pm getting caught up after the busy week and then headed down to the basketball games. Both the girls and the boys games were intense with Connell sweeping Burbank! Yeah!
Today we had Junior Miss practice this morning, I came home and rested, then went to the Tri-Cities to run a few errands. I met Jessica & Emersyn for a Target date - I can't believe that it had been over a month since I'd seen them. Emersyn is just as sweet as ever and I love spending time with Jess. (By the way - post a picture of your new project, Jess!! I want to see your new talents!)

I'm not sure why, but it seems like every time I'm in the Tri-Cities this winter, a storm brews and the roads become terrible. Seriously - today was probably the third or fourth time that I've driven home well under the speed limit. Tonight, I drove 40-45 all the way home and passed three accidents. I was very glad to get home safely.

I'd like to do something crafty tonight, but I got sucked into "The Da Vinci Code" on TV with my Dad. I have a quilt top to finish, fabric to cut to prepare for the Crafters Getaway next week, and sewing stuff to clean up so I can work on my Scripture Challenge (two weeks behind) and get stuff ready for Kate to come tomorrow. She and I are going to make baby shower invitations for a shower we're having for Jessica Fife.

Also, I got some new quilt patterns in the mail today from Thimble Blossoms (my new obsession - I heard about this company and the designer/owner Camille Roskelley from Amber Yount's blog. I love Camille's blog and get pretty excited when I see she's posted!):

Camille also has a free pattern right now here: Moda Bake Shop. I'd love to make it. Table Runners seem very manageable! I love the thick ric rack!!

Finally, I thought I'd share my thoughts on Michelle Obama's inaugural gown, since I was so excited to see what she would pick.


My amateur fashion critique: she's fairly short-waisted and this dress just emphasizes it. I don't like the color, the wispy things coming off of it, etc. etc. etc. I just think she could've done better. It was "such a historic event" for crying out loud!

I did think that Malia and Sasha were just about the cutest little fashion divas ever!

Hello pink and orange! Way to start a trend, Sasha!!

I also love the letter that (supposedly) the Bush twins left to the Obama girls. I always did like those Bush girls!

That's it for tonight. It's 8pm now and it doesn't look like much is going to get done. :)

January 22, 2009

[ crappy thursday ]

Today was one of the worst days at work in the past three years.
{The following is part complaining, part soul-searching - read at your own risk!}
Long story, short, we had to make some hard decisions today that we had to have long, grueling discussions about. It was difficult and exhausting. My opinion was overruled, which isn't anything new, but this time, I felt very strongly about my opinion. Usually, with similar situations, I am the "yes" person - I seek the best in students and 99% of the time give them the benefit of the doubt, even when everyone else tells me they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. But this time, I felt in my gut that this was a "no" situation. That is hard for me. I've continued to think about this for the remainder of the day.
Was I wrong? Were we all hearing different things? Was it our value systems?
Or am I overthinking it?!
Add to that students still needing schedule changes, teachers complaining about class sizes & students they don't want in their classes, trying to figure out a crummy situation where students are being given the short end of the stick, and the never-ending paperwork piling up on my desk.
I will be so happy one week from tomorrow at around 7pm. The countdown is on.

January 21, 2009

[ 16 things about me today ]

I've seen on some blogs (Ali Edwards, specifically) that they're listing 16 things about themselves. I figured that would be a pretty easy way to tackle a post for today! (Not that I have to blog everyday, but I enjoy it!)

1. I am sick of changing student's schedules. Especially if they have already been in my office to change their schedule two...or three...or ten times already! I'm also sick of having no options for student's who do have a legitimate reason to change their schedule.

2. I'm a little obsessed with sewing now that I'm feeling successful at it. And - the obsession extends to fabric too. I now have fabric to make 4 quilts in addition to the one I'm working on. :}

3. Speaking of obsession - Pandora internet radio on my iPhone. I've been listening to Passion music all day. Love it. So easy!

4. I'm pretty excited to see my cousin Lisa and her husband Jon next week. They're coming from Virginia. She's pregnant and due in May - and I haven't got to see her since I knew she was pregnant. (I saw her in September a week before she announced her pregnancy!) She is the petite one in our family and I know she's got to have a cute prego bump.

5. I'm shamefully watching "Gossip Girl" right now. I really like those dumb shows (The Hills, 90210, Gossip Girl), but my favorite by far is "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Guilty obsession.

6. I got a new zippie at Wal-Mart on Monday for $12. That's right folks, $12. I'm going to go back and buy a few more at that price!

7. I am enjoying hearing from long-lost high school friends that we're contacting for our high school reunion.

8. I still need new black shoes. I hate looking for them though!

9. Does anyone have any cute ideas for a baby shower invite? My friend Kate & I are throwing a baby shower for our friend Jessica and need some inspiration.

10. I love getting new clothes. I like wearing new clothes too. And, I like the indoor/outdoor slippers I got for Christmas. And cardigans. :)
11. I wish I could read more. I had a book in my basket at Target the other day and then put it back because I remembered I could check it out from the library. Not sure if that's a good thing.
12. Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows.
13. I like browsing I've found some great things on there for fairly inexpensive prices.
14. I love watching Samson sleep. I've heard people say that about their is that wierd that I like to watch my dog sleep? He's so cute when he snuggles or when he stretches. I love that dog!
15. I really want to go to Minnesota this summer and I'm thinking about driving. Possibly by myself. Just me and Sam-dawg.
16. OMG! I just read online that the new Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced today that 2009 will be the last year of the WASL as we know it. Can I get a whoop whoop?! That is such a relief! I think about all the work it takes to account for each booklet (before, during, and after), convince students to try their best, sharpen 50 dozen pencils a day, get snacks for the students, keep track of who's passed & who hasn't (because the state DOES NOT have a reliable system), and try everything in our power to get the students to pass the WASL through a variety of other means. I hate being the one to tell a student that they haven't passed or their SAT/ACT scores aren't high enough, or the very worst - they aren't going to graduate. The WASL is the worst part of my job and I'm so happy it's being revamped. It's definitely needed.
Ok - let's see your 16 random things about you!

January 20, 2009

[ one step closer ]

I was excited to come home tonight and get to work on my quilt.

I sewed my little heart out while watching the recap of today's events.

Ok - is it just me, or the TV coloring, or were Michelle Obama & Laura Bush's suits for the inaguration not attractive?!

I got all my squares sewn together (with only a little bit of seam ripping!) - then brought them upstairs to lay them out on the floor:
If you can't tell, I'm pretty proud of myself. The whole time I was sewing - each piece together and then to the next and the next - I was thinking..."WOW! I can't believe I'm actually doing this!!"

Of course, Samson had to see what was going on.

Apparently, he approves. :)

I don't think he realizes it's not finished...

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to sew the rows together...and then the rows to the rows...and then what? I don't know what to do next!

[ inauguration day ]

How did we get here and where is Sarah Palin?!
I'm just marking a spot here today to remember Inauguration Day...

Today, President George H.W. Bush (#43) exits the White House and

Barack Obama (#44) enters.

There has been a lot of talk everywhere you turn regarding the historic nature of today, swearing in an African American president. I do not understand why there is so much hoopla over Obama's race when there is also a lot of talk of looking past color and seeing everyone one as equal. Seriously...isn't this speaking out of both sides of your mouth?
Whoever it is, the inauguraton day is day in history and I am looking forward to watching as much of it as I can.
Of course, I'm also dying to see what Michelle is wearing tonight at the Ball. :)

January 18, 2009

[ another craft day on a Sunday ]

Oh man, I got a lot done today!
First of all - I took a bunch of pictures on my iPhone...and when I was emailing them to myself to put them on here, I found this picture that I took the other day. I saw this idea on Becky Higgins' blog (scrapbook celebrity) and I thought it was a cool idea. This was on my way home from school the other day after a long day. Hence the look. I thought it would be cheesy to smile at myself. :)
Back to the day o' crafting.
I didn't go to church this morning (tsk tsk), so I went to the craft room, turned on "The Message" Sirius Christian Pop music station and had church my way. :)
I made samples of the two Make and Takes I'm going to teach at the Crafters Getaway in two weeks.
This is a box made out of one sheet of paper. It's supposed to be tied with the blue colored ribbon where the two holes are - but I ordered the ribbon on eBay and it's not here yet. I thought they're cute Valentine's gifts. I made them for the basketball cheerleaders last year for Valentine's Day.
This is a gift card holder that is super simple. I hope our crafting guests will enjoy these two projects... :)
I also gathered all the supplies needed for each project and put them into containers - attempting to be organized!!
After that, I worked on the card for this week's Scripture Challenge. The word of the week is kindness. I used Galations 5:22 as my scripture - the Fruits of the Spirit verse.

I have been working on this for a few evenings. I painted it yellow and then today covered it with paper and decorated it - then Modge Podged it. I'm going to give it away as a door prize at the Crafters Getaway.
THEN, I finally got to sew. I went to Craft Warehouse last night and got flannel to make a baby blanket for my cousin's baby that is due in May. I'm a little nervous to start it. While at Craft Warehouse, I found a pattern for a cute blanket that uses 8 fat quarters. I had 5 fat quarters at home of a cute turquoise/yellow/orange/red fabric family. I picked up three more fat quarters that coordinated. Today, I decided to tackle it.
I cut all the fabric. I am not a big fan of cutting. In fact, I don't like it at all. But, it's a necessary part of the process.
I started sewing the pieces together (A +B, C+D, C+C+D, etc.)...I remembered a trick that Jennifer had told me, so I tried it:
Just keep feeding the fabric into the presser foot without raising it. It worked well for me and it made things go a lot faster and smoother.
I layed out all my combos of fabric and labeled them so I would remember what is what. It could get quite confusing without that! :) I sewed everything together that I could...and now I have to press everything. I thought I'd save that for another day. My eyes were starting to cross!!
Here's my stacks:
I am feeling excited about quilting and feel a lot more confident about it than I did a week ago. How things can change...
When I was rescuing pictures off my iPhone, I found this one - I forgot it was on there! This is Samson and I reading in Chelan. How relaxing!

Yay for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tomorrow! I'm excited about no school! I think Mom and I are going to the Tri-Cities to run some errands and get our nails done - and I am having Jessica & Emersyn withdrawals! We have Jr Miss practice tomorrow night.

Practically the only thing that passes for news lately is the inauguration. I'm trying to stay as far from it as possible. Probably more on that later....

January 17, 2009

[ lovin' saturday ]

Does anyone else hate coming up with titles for their blogs? I'm so boring...usually it's just the day of the week - tells a lot, eh?!
Today was a good Saturday...
I went to Junior Miss practice. We have a great group of 8 girls who are learning their routines very quickly! They're a lot of fun to be around and make getting up on a Saturday morning not so bad.
After practice, I met my friends Hannah, Jen, Lindsay, and Libby to start planning our 10-year class reunion. Are you for real? I can't believe it's already that time. Anyway, it's here and I'll deal with it - even though I'm complaining and it's hard to believe we're that age, I really am looking forward to all being together again and seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I loved my high school experience and I still feel as though I'll always be friends with my friends from high school. I am very lucky. :)
We had a great time together (even though I thought I was stood up at first!) and brainstormed some ideas. I started a blog for our class and posted some polls there to get an idea of what people would like to do. I'm interested to see the response we get.
Tonight, Mom, Jessica Fife, and I went to the Tri-Cities. We went to Craft Warehouse (surprise, surprise...) where I got flannel fabric to make a baby blanket. It's a little ambitious, but I think I'm up for the challenge. We went to see the movie "Bride Wars" - it was really cute...a little predictable, but I would recommend it.
Tomorrow - maybe some sewing - putting together make and take bags - and starting to pack for the retreat are on my list of to-do items. Looking forward to having no school on Monday! I will enjoy it fully since the rest of the week promises to be a whirlwind...

January 14, 2009

[ kate ]

Today, I'm thankful for my friend Kate.
I had a stressful day at work today...I was pulled in many different directions, my attention was needed by many people, my brain was put to the max trying to brainstorm options for a dilemma, PLUS CAPS was today! Days with CAPS are always a little crazy for me. I don't know why that short 30 minutes out of my day throws me into such a tailspin!
ANYWAY! The saving grace for today was Youth Group tonight and that Kate & I had planned to craft after YG! Kate planned a super YG complete with one of my favorite games [Family Feud]! We discussed our mission trip options for this summer and brainstormed fundraiser ideas.
[oh yeah, and we had funeral potatoes and ice cream for dinner...well, there was also pork roast, salad, and corn - but the funeral potatoes and ice cream were my favorite!]
Then, Kate was so nice and offered to come help me cut paper for make and takes for our Craft Retreat in two weeks. We're making two super fun and DO-ABLE projects. Last year, I spent all Friday night and some of Saturday morning getting make and takes ready - so I am THANKFUL that Kate offered to help me cut paper and get my supplies ready. She is the greatest.
We had a wonderful conversation...and could've talked all night! :) She is such an attentive and caring friend. She's a super listener and encourager. She always says how supportive I am - but I think the same of her and am so glad to have her part of my life.
Tomorrow is day closer to a 3-day weekend!

January 13, 2009

[ beta ]

Mom & I hosted Beta at our house was a fun evening. The program tonight was about books. We all went around and shared about our favorite books, authors, and series. There were some great suggestions of books that I want to put on my "to read" list.
Tomorrow brings work and Youth Group. Maybe some crafting. :)

Jessica - hope you and Emersyn are feeling better. Seriously - Friday - you, me, Emersyn, and Baby Einstein. Are you game?!

January 12, 2009

[ Monday Monday ]

Not much to write today...busy day at work. I left a pile on my desk to tackle tomorrow. I hate leaving things until tomorrow, but c'est la vie.
Did anyone else love love love the spring-type weather today?! I changed into a short sleaved shirt after school and drove with my window down. Love it!

After work, I ran to town to pick up the rest of the fabric I need to finish my table runner project. I also went to this new store I found out about - Village Quiltworks on Keene off of Queensgate. When I was looking at their website, I saw that they had this adorable kit, so I called to see if they had any left and there was ONE, so I asked for it to be put on hold until this afternoon. I am now the proud owner of the fabric and pattern to make this:

I realize it might be a little out of my skill range, but I might be good enough in the near future! No way to get there but to practice!

I came home and played around a little bit. I cut the fabric and batting for my table runner, but it requires mitered corners and that freaks me out. It's still in pieces.

So, I moved on to coasters that I'd seen in one of my books.

Here's my lopsided, but kinda cute coaster. It's growing on me. I had it in mind to give to someone, but since I don't quite have the straight stitching thing down, I'll keep it to remind me of my humble beginnings.

I was hoping to stop and see Jessica and Emersyn today, but they are both down and out - so
Also - my Beta group is sponsoring a Crafter's Retreat January 30-February 1. We're needing some additional participants, so if you know anyone that is interested - have them call me (509-531-8471) or email me ( Any and all types of crafters are welcome! The cost is $90 for the weekend. It's at the Clarion Hotel in Richland, so retreat participants can stay at the hotel if they choose. It's going to be rockin'!

January 11, 2009

[ learning to quilt on a weekend ]

Ok, so obviously you know that I want to learn to quilt/sew/create things. Not just that I want to - I feel the need to. It's weird and unexplainable.
So - on Friday at work, Jennifer taught me how to read a pattern and gave me some tips along the way. From then on, I couldn't wait to get home and try out the things I'd learned.
It was a frustrating evening. I learned to measure twice and cut once. Remember that fabric that I had double of? Well...I'm glad I had extra to spare. :)
I texted Jennifer several times with questions (thanks for responding...:) ) and finally gave up for the evening. As I explained it to Jessica, I turned off the machine, turned off the lights, and shut the door.
Jessica: "Oh, so you put your machine into time out? Classic."
Marcie: "Basically. Isn't that what you do when something makes you mad?!"
Jessica: "I swear and throw things. It's a personal choice."
Fast forward to Sunday.
(It would've been Saturday, but Saturday was our first Junior Miss practice and Junior Miss Committee Meeting - then I came home and took a three hour nap!)
So - Sunday - I was determined to make it work. I mean, seriously, how hard can this be?!

In the beginning...things weren't looking good.
Another text to Jessica:
"I've taken to your way of dealing with my sewing machine."
But hour and a half later...this text to Jessica:
"Your method works! I'm a lot more successful!"
After many episodes of sewing and seam ripping - and a break for some Advil and a Kahlua -
here's the result:

These aren't great pictures - but I'm pretty proud of myself. Don't look close. The squares aren't straight or even. It's even quite a bit smaller than it was supposed to be. Not sure why.
But - beyond all of it's flaws - it's my first sewing project!! It's a table square/runner - it's more square than rectangle. I don't have enough fabric to do the outside border or the backing, so I need to head to Craft Warehouse for that - plus batting and fabric for the binding. I'm a little nervous for the binding part...and quilting.
I'm still interested in making some key fobs - where do I get "webbing"? I looked at JoAnn's, but didn't see any. Maybe I don't know where to look.
Anyway - I had to share my proud moment. I've still got visions of many things to create dancing in my head. More to come....

January 8, 2009

[ Happy Anniversary! ]

Happy Anniversary to these two crazy cats.
#32 is looking pretty good on you.

January 6, 2009

[ crafty update ]

I have visions of crafts dancing in my head...
Here's a scrapbook layout in progress:

And remember the project that Jennifer and I are challenging ourselves with in 2009? Here's the link to refresh your memory:
Basically, we get a word every week that we are supposed to ponder, find Bible passages about, study, and then choose a scripture or two that illustrates that word for you. Then - (the fun part) - we create an ATC (a 4" x 2" card) with the word on one side and the scripture on the other side. Then, we put them on this:

So - that's what it looks like empty. I'll post pictures periodically throughout the year to show you how it progresses. I'm excited about the possibilities of this challenge and for the fact that it will force me to study the Bible more...something that I, unfortunately, put on the back burner too often. That's a whole other post.
(But see those pink buttons behind it? Visions of a pink Valentine tree...Can you see it?!)
Onto my new obsession...collecting products relating to sewing! :) If only I was as successful actually sewing as I am collecting products!
My new library of books (which contain many many projects just waiting to be created!):
My sewing basket that I salvaged from my pile of extra Longaberger...who knew you could have extra Longaberger? It is possible. What is great about this basket is that it spins! Can you get a more perfect sewing basket?
Fabulous fabric that I picked up in Chelan at Woven Memories and at Craft Warehouse in Kennewick:

I got these cut off the bolt for $2.25/yard. That's good, right?
These are awesome precut squares...I think they're called a charm pack?!
Aren't these packaged so adorably?
Does the fabric above look at all similar to the fabric below?
Huh. Guess I really like it?! :)
I picked out the fabric above in Chelan...then came home with the fabric below from Craft Warehouse. I had no idea they were the same until I saw them next to each other.
I really like these colors! They're so unlike me, yet so complimentary to my personality, I think! How is that possible?!
I have visions of pin cushions galore!
My fabulous sale find at Target on Sunday - I love these wire tiered baskets (I had a cream one in this one's place that I relocated to my bathroom). This basket was $17.99 marked down to $8.98. Love love love Target!
Anyway - I thought it was perfect to display my fabric. And all those stamps on the bottom shelf were previously housed in the three tiers of the cream basket that had been located in this space. Much better. that I have the supplies and the inspiration...I need the skillz.

Anyone know of any classes around the Tri-Cities?

[ day #37 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journal is the last one...and am I proud of myself for sticking through the entire 37 days! There were just a few days that I missed and had to make up them up a few days later. But that's ok!! I have never done anything like this, so I'm excited that I have a finished product. Although it's not the type of journal the designer probably envision, it's my version and I love it!
The prompts really made me think and reflect on the differenct aspects of the holiday season. I hope it has been as much of a joy to you as it's been to me.
If you're interested in participating in's the link:

January 5, 2009

[ check it ]

I made Sour Cream Banana Bread tonight...yum!
Here's the recipe from
2 cups all-purpose flour plus extra for dusting
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/4 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs, at room temperature
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 very ripe medium bananas, mashed (about 1 1/4 cups)
1/2 cup sour cream
Heat the oven to 350°F and arrange the rack in the middle. Butter a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan and dust it with flour, tapping out excess. Whisk together flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, and cinnamon in a large bowl to aerate and break up any lumps.
Combine sugar, eggs, oil, and vanilla in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and beat on medium speed until thoroughly combined, about 2 minutes. Add bananas and sour cream, and mix until just combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, add flour mixture, and mix until just combined.
Turn batter into the prepared loaf pan and bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, the top is golden brown, and the bread is pulling away from the sides of the pan, about 1 hour.
Transfer to a wire rack to cool for 10 minutes. Slide a knife around the perimeter of the pan, invert to release the bread, and cool completely on the wire rack before serving.

[ Celebrating Life ]

I haven't had the opportunity to write about the loss of some important people around Connell...
Rep. Steve Hailey
Steve was one of the most upstanding men in Franklin County, ultimately being chosen to represent this area as a Representative in Olympia. He lost his battle with colon cancer last week. His life was celebrated on Saturday with a wonderful service recognizing his lifetime achievements, deep devotion to his family, and friendship to all. As it was said on Saturday, Steve had a footprint that extended across the nation and it will be impossible to fill.
Sandy Engelhard
Sandy babysat Melissa and I when we were kids...she passed away on Friday of an apparent heart attack. The loss of Sandy is sudden and so sad - but she was in so much pain that it is a comfort to know she does not have to deal with that anymore. I have many great memories of time spent at the Engelhard's. Sandy was the beloved wife of Mr. E. (a favorite math teacher at CHS).
My prayers are with both the Hailey's and the Englehard's as they endure these significant losses.

[ day #36 - journal your christmas ]

Today's journaling is about putting away Christmas decorations...which we haven't done yet! :) It takes so much time & energy to unpack the decorations and to put them up - it's such a shame that they're only out to enjoy for such a short period of time.

We enjoy our Christmas tree so much...I love the bright white lights illuminating the living room in the morning dusk. We usually leave our tree up well into January...knowing full well Christmas is over. It makes me sad that our lives are so date oriented that it seems to be "socially unacceptable" to leave a Christmas Tree up and Christmas lights on the house. It's always "onto the next thing..."
Just yesterday, some friends of Melissa's stopped by the house and they all made a comment about our tree:
"Oh wow! Your tree is still up...well, it's pretty."
"Isn't Christmas over?"

Yes! Christmas is over.

Yes! Every other American has taken down their tree.

But we haven't.


We like it like that!!

As for the other Christmas decorations...we tend to enjoy snowmen because it is socially acceptable for them to stay up well into February or as long as there is snow on the ground. Which may be for a long time. (We received at least 3 inches last night which resulted in a welcomed 2-hour delay today!)

Oh - and for the record - our stockings are still up too.

January 4, 2009

[ Chelan and more ]

I haven't written about Chelan yet, but since school is starting tomorrow (boo hoo hoo), I'd better get my blog on. :)

Chelan was fun. Period.


No really, it was really fun.

As we were preparing to go, Mom and I were talking about how it would be so nice to just stay home...but when we were preparing to come home, we both decided we were very glad we went.

I read a book. We watched a movie. We played Rumoli...and "May I" (the Heiders call it Progressive Rummy)...and "Trains" (the Heiders call it Mexican Dominoes). We shopped. We went wine tasting. We rang in 2009. We read magazines...drank coffee...talked with friends. We hung out by the fire. We went to the casino and played the slot machines (I won $12!). We bowled on the Wii. Mattie Jean KO'd me when we played boxing on the Wii. We frequented Starbucks. We watched it snow...and snow...and snow.

Love it. We have reservations to do it all again for New Year's 2010. Wow. 2010. Can you believe it?!
Wine Tasting:
Zeke & Melissa
Mom & Karen
Zeke and Larry
Christine & I

Travis, Jamie, Aubri, and Michael

New Year's Eve Dinner @ Campbell's:

Mom & Dad

Corky, Kara, & I

Eric, Corky, & Kyle

The lucky (and nasty smoky) casino:


Kara with all her winnings...she was on a roll!

Mattie Jean and Karen

Mattie Jean, Anna, & Emma with Kleinbach's new dog Twizzler

Kara & Emma