February 1, 2011

{ a little office party }

I know how much you all love to see what happens in my little world at CHS…
(By the way, a Lary update: he was found floating upside down at the top of the water last week, so Madison came in and revived him. She had been neglecting him and needed a reminder to take care of her pet. He’s back to swimming around happily again. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the post about Lary the fish.)
One of our office aides, Kate (who is also one of my youth groupies), has a hobby (or habit) of drawing pictures – usually during class. They’re usually super cute and pretty funny too. Here’s the latest one she drew for me, which I have displayed on my office door.
Kate is a 4th period office aide – she can be seen siting on my desk jamming to her tunes – along with Cynthia and Ali.
I love how Jennifer, Esther, and Jessica are on top of my file cabinet – and Jessica is standing on top of it! Oh, and waving!
Mr. Peterson (with an accurate hairstyle), Mr. Clark (also with an accurate hairstyle), and Jan are jammin’ as well. Look at them dance!
Her attention to detail is truly amazing. Smile I actually do have two computer monitors (LOVE!) and I have window similar to that in my office. The real window is an old barn window, so it’s just glass with nothing behind it. These girls were talking the other day about putting a nice landscape behind it – I told them I’d prefer a picture of the beach or the view of Priest Lake from our deck. How sweet would that be?!
If you’ve ever been to my office, you know that my office is definitely not this big – it can barely hold myself, a parent, and a student! To think that we all could fit in my office – I could only hope!
Thanks to Jennifer for scanning this picture!

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